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Write to your MP

There are now just days to go until MPs will vote on David Cameron’s plan to force fracking on us. MPs will vote on this bill without having read the whole DEFRA report on the damage fracking will cause.

David Cameron wants to change the law so fracking companies can drill under our homes without permission.

But the plans can’t go through without MPs votes. MPs will vote on this bill Monday the 26th but they don’t know all the facts. We must help our MPs to force David  Cameron to release the DEFRA report without reactions then our MPs can finally see the damage fracking will cause.

Write to your MP. Only you can give MPs the power to stop this vote until the full DEFRA report is available to read.

74% of the public in Britain are against changes to trespass laws that would allow fracking companies to drill under homes without permission. I urge you to write to your government now. How can any MP make a decision on this bill without all the information?

The DEFRA report is redaction about fraction!

Thomas Jefferson one said that an educated populace is required in order for democracy to prevail.

Write your MP

We need to know ALL the facts before deciding.

We must know all the facts. Our MPs should not be asked to vote on any bill with out all the best information to hand.


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Please write to your MP today to send a clear and strong message to David Cameron that we do not want a vote on fracking bills without a clear understanding of the impact of fracking.

I have included a letter, below, which you can cut and paste into your email to your MP.

Dear          ,

I am writing to ask that you demand David Cameron release DEFRA’s ‘Shale Gas Rural Economy Impacts’ report in full before MPs vote on the contentious Infrastructure Bill on Monday 26th January.

Last month, Anne McIntosh MP asked the Prime Minister to release the report. In his reply, he said “I am very happy to look at that”. Downing Street has yet to confirm whether the Prime Minister had considered the request.

A total of ten MPs have since urged David Cameron to release the report in full including four MPs from his own party. Yet still it remains redacted. It’s crucial that what’s hidden in this report be released before the Infrastructure Bill is finally voted on in Parliament, This is surely required so you can properly understand the impacts that fracking will have on our house prices and our communities.

Although the Government has repeatedly said ‘the public should be given all the facts’, this report was redacted 63 times, including the section on how fracking could affect house prices. DEFRA claim this was best for ‘public interest’.

Next Monday, MPs will vote on the Infrastructure Bill, which proposes controversial changes to our Trespass Laws that will erode our land rights, and pave the way for fracking. How can you possibly vote on the merits of this Infrastructure Bill when 63 pertinent points from this report have been scrubbed out?

Please support the amendments to the Bill proposed by Dr Caroline Lucas MP and Norman Baker MP, which call for the removal of the fracking-facilitating clauses and a ban on fracking.

We all deserve to see the censored material in this important document that our government is keeping from us. Don’t take away our land rights until you have convinced David Cameron to release the full contents of that report.



Cut and paste this into an email for you MP now. add the MPs name at the top. Your name at the bottom. Please also add your phone number and address. MPs always listen to their constituents and having your address there shows you are represented.

Write to them now! here is the link for connecting with you MP: writetothem

You can also sign this petition too! Greenpeace is working hard to help us all stop fracking.

Sign this petition.