Welcome to E – Is For Energy

Welcome to my blog this page is all about what I’m trying to do:

I am working towards the day that we will Stop Hinkley C from being built! Hinkley C is the biggest financial disaster facing the British public ever. The EPR design has failed the basic tests applied by the Generic Design Assessment here in the UK.

I also intend to uncover the lies of the energy monopolies!

The UK public are being ripped off by the big energy companies. I will expose all these lies and show how the big 6 energy giants in the UK are stealing money from you the public. I will also show how the big 6 are dodging their tax obligations.

Provide people with the truth so they can demand a change to a renewable future.

Here is a picture of our nuclear present!

Welcome to our nuclear present

Our Nuclear Present – A Disaster


Here is a bit of Truth about renewable energy:

Our green future – Delayed

Welcome to our renewaqble future

Our renewable energy future

Solar energy and other renewable energy production will replace all our fossil fuels soon. We have to push for these changes now.