The Way Forward – Renewable Energy

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The Way Forward

The way forward in any journey is not always obvious. There are many steps to take on the road to a renewable energy future. The next step can be in one direction or many different directions.


From Their own web site:

CrowdEnergy is a small collection of Engineers, Inventors, and Scientists.
We have specialists in SubSea Engineering, Oceanography, Marine Ecology and Conservation, Electrical Engineering, Fabrication and Design. “Imagine nerds in wetsuits and flippers…”

Ocean Energy needs our help.

Ocean Energy is a new start up company. This small but dedicated team of energy engineers has designed an environmentally friendly energy generator that works with nature. It is a system designed to generate energy without harm to any life forms.

The way forward

Wiki pic on ocean currents

Crowd funding projects are a new way forward

From the Ocean Energy web site:

ZEPHYRHILLS, FL (February 4, 2014) – Crowd Energy, having completed construction and successful testing of its first generation prototype of the Ocean Energy Turbine, will launch a major Kickstarter campaign in March 2014 to construct a second generation turbine and move the project to (SNMREC) Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center at Florida Atlantic University for verification and open water testing.

Well what is crowd funding? It is simply you! You and the money you have moving things forward where YOU say! How is that for power to the people!

The way forward


A little more on crowd funding from a marketing web site. DIY Marketers has a small posting about crowd funding. Here is the forward for the article. It is worth reading:

This article is an introduction to something you may not have heard of before — crowdfunding.  You’ve probably heard of “crowdsourcing” which uses the wisdom or power of communities and crowds to do design, solve problems, fund projects and even make small loans to third-world businesses.  And now, with a recent change in regulations, you can actually crowdfund you business.

PEOPLE are the power! – Lets start making our money count!

So now you can write to your MP or your representative in Congress or the Senate or your member of the Peoples party congress.


What ever you do, DO it soon. We are running out of time.