Video #7 Theo Simon talks about Environmentalism

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Environmentalism, Capitalism & Democracy

We have sold control of our energy to companies like EDF, BG, Eon, SSE and the rest. We have given away the National Grid that transports all our electricity and gas in the UK.

These companies have made Billions each year by taking money from us. Using our state owned power generating systems they are ripping us off.

Is it time we took all this back now. The UK power companies are not going to implement the necessary changes to our power generation.

Take Back The Power to decide

In the 7th video interview with Theo Simon we discuss the nature of labels. Theo discusses the way corporations are trying to Co-Opt the very words we use to describe who we are.

Power companies want you to think that they are kind to nature. EDF wants to build a new nuclear power plant in Somerset. This is not the way forward.

The Videos that have been posted so far discuss all the facts about why we do not need a new nuke plant. The videos show why we must stop this disastrous waste of 16 billion pounds.

Video interviews show the truth for all to hear and see

Look at all the videos linked in this blog and you will have a clear understanding too. Get your friends to watch these interviews.

I need your help to get the message out in the UK. We don’t want nuclear power and we do not need nuclear power.

The DECC has made plans to build a total of 80 new nuclear power plants. This is David Cameron’s idea of being Green. In fact this is the biggest waste of money and precious time since Nero fiddled!!

We do not have the time to waste waiting for new nuclear power plants. We can begin Reducing our energy needs without sacrifice. We can start building the renewable energy future we need Today.

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