Ownership Is Democracy – Video #6 Public Ownership

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Ownership Is Democracy

Ownership is democracy here in the UK or anywhere. Who owns the electricity generation plants in the UK? You don’t own them. Major energy companies own them. What effect does this have on the democratic way of life we expect to enjoy?

Video #6 looks at the relationship between the owners of energy production and the power to influence the political process. EDF is working hard to remove democracy from the power industry.

EDF tried to block all protests for new nukes

In 2012 EDF filed a petition with the High Courts to block any protest against the construction of Hinkley C, or other new nuclear build projects. This is undemocratic and illegal under EU laws on human rights. This is the face of corporate ownership of energy. 

This move by EDF created a protest movement to force the courts to allow protests about new nuclear plants. A protest to allow future protests! We really have to work to keep democracy alive! Or we could own the power itself!

Power to the people creates greater democracy

It is actions like this, by the greedy power companies, that are undermining democracy of this country. When we can produce our own energy using community power schemes and roof top solar systems WE own the power of production and control of our government. The only way to achieve this is to take back public ownership of the National Grid and the gas and electricity supply.

Undemocratic deals being done for more nuke plants with Putin

In a previous blog post I exposed the work being done by this government behind closed doors to get Russia to build new nuclear plants in our country. How many of YOU would allow a oligarch like Putin, who has just annexed the Crimea using troops and propaganda, to build nuclear plants here in the UK?

I don’t understand how we can complain about the lack of freedom and democracy in China and Russia and then try to sign deals with these countries to build nuclear plants on our soil. Do you want Russia to build a new nuclear plant here in your back yard? I do not!

Write to your MP now!

You can have your say today by writing to your local and national representatives. Write to your MP now!

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