Truth is stronger than greed

Book Chapters, Chapter 1, The Dream - Jeanne's story

Is greed more important than truth?

Bill is a tall man. This is hard to see as he sits before the fire.

Greed or truth

Bill By the Fire

He leans back and reaches into the pocket of his blue jeans and pulls out a 1 pound coin. The coin is bright and golden in the firelight. ‘Jenny would you like to hear the story or have the money in my hand?’

Jeanne replies quickly ‘I want to hear the story daddy.’

Her father goes on with the story. ‘The whole problem back then was that companies and greedy people were chasing  money. Governments thought this was good and let it happen. The condition of the planet got worse. People started saying that we were killing the planet and all the living things on it.’

His friends around the fire lean forward to listen. ‘No one listened at first. Some who had the gift of clarity saw what would happen if nothing was done. They saw the truth of ecological disaster and climate destruction.

Climate change destroys Philippine cities

Climate change destroys Philippine cities

These people formed organizations that worked to stop the madness. Others joined these groups as members and helped with the cause. Many small steps were made. Many small victories were made over the stupidity and greed.

Lets all save the planet, OK?

Lets all save the planet, OK?

But the victories were too small. The changes started happening faster. Around the planet, the effects of the damage caused by environmental disasters spread further. The companies began to grow stronger and make laws that restricted the people. The people wanted to complain but these undemocratic laws were silencing them.

Laws and governments served the corporate interests not the people. Corporations cared about profit not the environment. The profit they made always had to grow. This is the way of corporations. Grow or die.

The profits came from finding cheaper ways to get oil and gas to the market. This caused more damage to the environment. The profits came from charging more and more money for the electricity and gas.

The people tried to pay the higher prices. Older people with pensions suffered the worst. They had to choose between food to eat or fuel to keep the lights on and the house warm. The elderly were dying by the thousands every winter due to something called “fuel poverty.”

‘Daddy!’ said Jeanne with tears in her eyes.  Jeanne always got upset with this part of the story E – Is For Energy. There is a part of each story in the alphabet revolution that makes Jeanne sad. ‘Daddy did the old people really die because they could not stay warm?’

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