Power – Who Owns it? Who makes it? Who Takes it?

Book Chapters, The Dream - Jeanne's story

Power of the People

Before anyone in power knew what was happening, there were thousands of people standing in the lobby and outside Npower in London. This brought business to a standstill in the few blocks surrounding the building. Security in the lobby denied the people access to other parts of Npower’s offices. Those closest to these security agents began discussing their energy bills with them.

Power of the Poor

The average security guard in a building like Npower in London makes about £22,000, maybe more but probably less. Living costs in London are high. As the flash mob began speaking the security guards and the protesters quickly found common ground. The security guards were just as upset as all the rest of the people. They also knew where all the secure offices were in the building.

It was not long before hundreds of protesters were in every floor and office of the building. Conference rooms were turned into sleeping areas. Offices were used for planning, security, investigations, and so on. The office workers were invited to join the people in solving the drastic problems of energy in the UK. Many joined. Even though they got a 20% discount on their energy bills they were still struggling to make ends meet. They rest were asked to leave the building.

No Power

The Police showed up as they always do. They tried to speak to the ‘organizers’ of the ‘protest.’ This is sometimes very straight forward, other times it is more difficult. There were no actual organizers. People held up their hands and said we are not sure who that is. We were just here when things happened 🙂 The police were not happy about this 🙁

No Power

Police with No Power


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