Old People die from fuel poverty

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Old people die from fuel poverty

Bill Waited a moment for Jeanne to calm down then went on. ‘Jeanne the old people died because the cost of the food and the energy to heat their homes was so high. People had to choose between heating their homes and eating.

They had to choose because the companies that sold the energy were making giant profits and did not care about the people. It was not just the old people but the poor, the working poor, and the lower middle class.

Many people began to spend more and more of their money on heating and lighting. And that’s when it happened. That is when the people had enough.’

Jeanne grew very attentive now. This was the part of the story she liked most. Her father continued ‘It started with one man who refused to pay his bill. He was so fed up with the whole mess that he just stopped paying the energy bill. He had to so he could eat! “Heat or Eat”  that was the motto.’

The energy company took him to court after 6 or 7 months. The corporation won as they usually do. The man had so much debt to pay back that he had to sell his house. Others heard about his problem and got upset about it.

Bill turned to his right and asked; ‘Ed what was that guy’s name again?’ Bill’s friend Ed is short and round. He looks like Santa sitting by the fire. Except he has no beard.

Ed reaches up and scratches his head. ‘I think it was Bishop . . . .’ Bill cut in: ‘Steven Bishop that was it. Yes Jeanne Mr. Bishop lost his home and had to live on the streets.

Bishop was in good health when he lost his house but he died a sick man only 3 months later.

Old people die from fuel poverty

Michael Gething a homeless man who died on the streets

People got very upset about this. Then they started tweeting and messaging each other.

A video of Bishops post-trial interview went viral on the internet. It was after that happened that the first flash mob appeared.’

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