New Tax For Coal Is Not On

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New Tax For Coal Announced

A new tax for cal fired plants is in parliament right now. David Cameron wants to give up to £2 billion to energy companies to fund future coal burning. Is Cameron serious? He campaigned on a promise to create the greenest government ever. Has he done this?  Not hardly!

Today I received an email from Greenpeace about this plan. I am shocked and amazed that this government can be so ignorant about the nature of our energy crisis.

The UN has made the problem of climate change abundantly clear. I covered this report in a previous blog post. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) clearly states that we must act now before it is too late to stop global warming.

New tax for coal

Since 1979, the size of the summer polar ice cap has shrunk more than 20 percent. (Illustration from NASA)

David Cameron has cut the FIT payment for solar energy by more than half.

David Cameron has supported fracking even though the UK people do not want this.

Cameron wants a new nuclear power station at Hinkley that will cost billions to build and cost you too much in electricity bills.

 New tax for coal is a disaster

Now Cameron wants to give the big energy companies billions more to keep aging coal power stations open longer. This is just insane! Cameron could be putting this money towards building the renewable energy systems we desperately need. Instead he is helping his friends in the energy industry by giving them more money.

You can help stop this now.

Greenpeace has a petition to stop this new tax. Sign this petition now please.