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After We Saw Earth The 1st Time

The environmental movement predates the picture below. But Mother Earth News Magazine was created because of this view of our beautiful and fragile planet. When you think about all the things that matter to you and your loved ones, look at this picture.

From Wiki - on ecology movement

Earth From Apollo 17 – Your one and only home and mother

Caring for our planet is an idea that predates the European colonization of the Americas. American Indians were very aware of the balance of nature and their roles in that equilibrium.

Mother Earth News – A how to monthly.

After we saw our home from space we began to start working on making things better. One of the first tools to emerge from the growing ecology awareness was The Mother Earth News Magazine.

From Wiki:

Mother Earth News has, since the magazine’s founding in 1970, been a pioneer in the promotion of renewable energy, recycling, family farms, saner agricultural practices, better eating habits, medical self-care, more meaningful education and affordable housing.

You can start treating your mother better today

Everything you will need to start acting in a more environmentally friendly way is at this web site. So have a look and consider what small steps you can make today.

Grow your own food.

Mother Earth News

Grow lots in a small space

Perhaps you think you can’t make a difference where you live. Maybe it is too much work or bother to protest.

It is possible that your government may come after you if you try to make them change. We will discuss ways around these problems in future blog posts.

For now lets start small.

You can use this monthly magazine, Mother Earth News, to find small things to  change in your life that will make a difference. Little steps can grow in to giant leaps.

After all ‘one small step for man’

Leaving Mother Earth

John Glenn – NASA photo 1962

became ‘one giant leap for mankind.’

Looking for a new place to settle

Aldrin on the Moon -NASA Photo 1969

In 7 years Americans  went from an orbital flight around Earth to landing 2 men on the Moon. It was done for all man kind. And NASA’s budget only reached 4.3% of the federal budget at its peak in 1965.

In short We, humans, Can Do Anything!  We only need to Commit. We must Chose to change our ways or humans will fade into history, just like the Dinosaurs.

Think you can’t help change your ways or your friends ways or your governments ways? Think again. Humans can do anything they set their minds to. Any humans in any country can achieve anything they can dream.

Dream your future then make it reality!