A Green New World

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Are we entering a Green New World?

A Green New World

A Green New World

I think we are entering a green new world. Many nations of the world are embracing green energy. Green energy is energy from a renewable source. Renewable energy never runs out and is clean to generate and use. During my break from writing, many events have changed the nature of our climate and our global energy sources.


All the changes I have seen in the last 8 months have been encouraging. In November 2015 the COP 21 Conference in Paris set a target for carbon emissions at 1.5 – 2.0ppm. This historic agreement is being perused by many nations.

India has approved a massive 200GW of new solar across the country. This will go along way to reducing India’ fossil fuel energy generation.

China’s emissions of CO2 may have dropped in 2015. With as much as a 5% reduction of CO2, this may be the start of something good.

All News Is Not Good


A green New World is needed now

The weather outside is frightful

Sadly a new green world is not happening quite fast enough. Global temperatures are still rising. Artic ice melt is still accelerating. Forest fires are larger and occurring more often in places where they never happened before. Severe storms are destroying many communities around the planet.

As the effects of global climate change take hold, we all see the need for change. The world is waking up to climate change and nations are acting to combat the worst outcomes. Can we change fast enough to stop climate change?

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