France Outlawed Fracking: UK Allows Total to Frack in Britain

Big Oil, Energy Companies, Fracking

From The BBC 11 October 2013:

France’s constitutional council has rejected an attempt to overturn a ban on fracking, the controversial method of extracting gas from rock. France’s Energy Minister Philippe Martin said the ruling meant the law banning fracking, in which pressurised water, chemicals and sand are pumped underground to release gas trapped in shale formations, was now safe from other legal challenges.

From The BBC 11 January 2014:

French oil and gas company Total is to invest in the UK’s shale gas industry, it is to be announced on Monday. Total will be the first of the so-called “oil majors” to invest in shale gas in the UK, the BBC has confirmed. The process has attracted anti-fracking protests in the UK, with environmentalists fearing the technique could cause small earth tremors, water contamination and environmental damage.

When will Our voices be heard in Parliament?

76% of the people do not want fracking in the UK. David Cameron is not listening to us. He is working to make sure that your back yard or your common green spaces can be drilled by Total and other Big oil companies.

Write your MP today and let them know they can not destroy our environment for profit.