No fracking in the UK is winning


No fracking in the UK is winning

From Friends of the Earth email to me today.


Dear Mark

I emailed you only hours ago I know, but something surprising just happened and I wanted you to know. It means more than ever that your action could help swing things.

This morning I sent an email alerting you to the shocking expose of Government plans to override a decision in Lancashire later this week, if the decision there is not to frack. As I mentioned, this scandal emerged on the same day that MPs debated fracking in Parliament.

I also asked you to share the news to help keep Lancashire – and the rest of the UK – frack free. A massive thank you to everyone who did. Within a few hours the number of petition signatures rocketed – down to all of us working together.

It’s really making a difference. In an unexpected turn, the Government was forced to agree to ban fracking in protected areas for wildlife, areas of outstanding natural beauty, or near drinking water sources.  This is good news and shows that the Government are on the backfoot – a mark that momentum is very much on our side. Our movement is getting stronger every day, and we’re starting to see the results.

However, these changes don’t go far enough, and won’t necessarily stop fracking in Lancashire. Disappointingly, MPs rejected calls for a moratorium – suspension – of fracking.

As so often with campaigning, it’s a step in the right direction, but it’s not over yet. In the short term, it means all eyes on Lancashire for the fracking decisions due there later this week. If you haven’t already, I’m sure you know what to do – keep spreading the word with all your family and friends and ask them to sign the petition too, using the buttons at the bottom of this email.

For over three years, Friends of the Earth has been working alongside people who live in Lancashire who could facing fracking on their doorstep. Now is the time for them to feel the up swell of support from all of us no matter where we live.

We don’t know what will be decided later this week in Lancashire. What we do know is that now is the time for us to all pull together. Today shows that when we do, it makes a difference.

So thank you for reading this email, for your support, and for doing what you can to put a brake on fracking: not here, not anywhere.

With thanks and hope,
Nikki and the fracking team Helen, Rachel, Tony, Donna, Jake, Rose, Teresa, Jamie, Naomi and Jenny


My email from earlier today

Dear Mark

Have you seen today’s Guardian? The headline: the Government has got secret plans to help frack Lancashire even if locals decide against it.

A letter leaked to Friends of the Earth – sent from Chancellor George Osborne to Cabinet colleagues – shows that while David Cameron recently said local councils and communities should make decisions about fracking, the Government is preparing to override a potential ‘No to fracking’ decision in Lancashire. The Lancashire decision is due to be made this week.

This is a scandalous story that needs to be shared. Please share it with your family and friends to spread the word.

The damning exposé of the Government’s collusion comes on the same day that MPs debate fracking in Parliament. Whether the UK remains frack free is in the balance. Together we can help tip the balance by shining a light on the Government’s dirty fracking secrets.

The leaked letter shows just how worried the Government is that fracking might not go ahead in Lancashire, and they’ve every reason to be, as more and more people say on fracking: not here, not anywhere.

With thanks and hope,

Nikki, Helen, Rachel, Tony, Donna, Jake, Rose, Teresa and Jenny

PS You can read more about the leaked letter here. And you can read the Guardian’s report here.

PPS In case you’d like to be in Lancashire when the fracking decisions are made, our friends at Frack Off are organising coaches from around the country.