Fracking Protest At Cameron’s Home

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Fracking Protest at Cameron’s

From Upstream Online:

UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s country house has been turned into a mock fracturing site as Greenpeace steps up its anti-fracking campaign ahead of the Queen’s speech to Parliament on Wednesday.

Fracking Protest

Fracking protest at Cameron’s home

Fracking  comes home to roost

The environmental watchdog is protesting against a reform measure set to be brought in by the Queen, as she opens Parliament, that will allow fracking firms to drill under people’s homes without gaining prior permission.

Early on Wednesday morning, a group of protesters descended on Cameron’s constituency home in Oxfordshire, a period cottage in the Cotswold hamlet of Dean, to cordon it off for presumably imaginary drilling operations.

Fracking payoff of £50 per household – A cheap bribe

The protesters in hard hats and high-visability jackets sealed off the properties front gate and erected a sign reading, “We apologise for any inconvenience we may cause while we frack under your home”.

Another group of campaigners is also attempting to deliver a “lottery-style over-sized cheque for £50 [$83] – the maximum compensation ministers are willing to pay to individual home and landowners for allowing companies to drill under their property,” Greenpeace said.

Fracking Protest

Fracking protest seals off Cameron’s home



BBC article:


Drilling blamed for Java mud leak

People try to rescue valuable items from the flooded area

The mud leak has submerged several villages

A mud leak that has displaced thousands of Indonesians was most probably caused by drilling for gas, a scientific study into the disaster concludes.

The British-based scientists believe the drilling in East Java ruptured pressurised limestone rock, allowing water and mud to rise to the surface.


They warn thousands of cubic metres of mud a day could continue to spew out for months, if not years, to come.


From Intellihub:

Fracking Murder

Colorado Fracking mudslide Kills 3

The recent images of a giant 4-mile long mudslide shown to you on CNN, were not really of a mudslide, says Youtuber
By Staff Writer

WESTERN COLORADO (INTELLIHUB) — “There is no mud in the whole damn thing, there is not even a puddle”, said dutchsinse, a popular environmental investigative Youtuber, referring to a secretive fracking operation that was recently botched.

“I went and verified the area […] ran by DCP […] which they basically have fracked the hell out of the area”, dutchsinse said, continuing to explain how the U.S. government teamed up with Exxon Mobil in the area.

What you have actually been seeing on the news, sold as a 4-mile long mudslide, is not a mudslide, it’s a massive fracking eruption as they have been pumping high amounts of high pressure CO2 into the ground for an extended period of time.

Talks of evacuation have been promoted on CNN, said dutchsinse, despite the fact that there has been no rain or snow pack in the area.


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