Flash Mobs Bring Down Energy Giants

The Dream - Jeanne's story

The Dream – Jeanne’s Story, continued

Flash Mobs – How to Change the Outcome

Bill paused to rest at this point. He sipped on his drink and looked at the fire for a minute.

Flash Mob

Telling the story by firelight

Jeanne shifted about on the ground to show her continued interest in her father’s story. Bill stirred the fire once more and began speaking again: ‘A Flash mob happens when lots of people use their mobile phones and tablets to message each other. The messages say when and where an event is going to happen. The messages get sent out very quickly to everybody at once. Sometimes it will snowball from a few people that send to friends. Their friends send it on to others and so on. Usually when they arrive at a mob site they just do a stunt.

Flash Mobs – Appear Quickly And Without Warning

At a given time, in a given place, thousands of people suddenly appear. This is a flash mob. It appears like a flash and can disappear with the same speed. Flash-mobbing had been used in the past for different reasons. This new flash mob was different. These people planned to stay right where they were until things changed.

After the Occupy movement across the world things had changed.

People knew how to move in and take a place for the long haul. They knew how to do this in large numbers. When occupy London moved into their digs, they were a large enough group of people acting in a peaceful way take over an area and stay.

Flash Mob

Occupy Movement Happened Around The World

Flash Mobs Prepare For The Long Haul – Occupy To Create Change

This new energy flash mob was organized and prepared for the long wait that was required. They had their sleeping bags and tents. Kitchens and porta-jons sprang from nowhere. Within 15 minutes the first flash mob was in place with over 25,000 people. They chose to set up camp right in front of one of the big 6 energy companies. Npower was the target of this flash mob.


Flash mob

Occupy London Protesters in their camps


Some of the people going to this flash protest were stopped by police and government intervention. Many messages went flying about to create the flash protest. The phone networks were buzzing with it all. The internet was trending this same message too. It was not long before the government started blocking services to stop the flow of free information. Phone networks started to go down in the London area. Even with this attempt to stop them, the people showed up in their thousands.

Ed interrupts Bill’s narration and says: ‘Bill don’t forget to mention all the stuff they found on the computers. Tell Jeanne about the truth that they uncovered about the lies!’


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