The Story Continues

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The story continues – E is for energy

E is for Energy is the story of how we take back the world energy supply from greedy oppressive oligarchs and oil barons. E – Is for Energy describes our energy problems and how we the people solve them.

On the Fifth Night was the Letter E

On the fifth night I had the same dream again.  The weather was as clear and fine as the first night I saw this vision. The stars were just as bright in the sky. The fire was the same. There were a few more  men and women sitting by the fire.

E - Is For Energy

A group by the fire

Jeanne walked up to the fire and sat down just like she had the first night I had the dream. Jeanne is tall for her age, almost 5 feet tall. Her summer dress has a print pattern of animals. Giraffes and elephants mingle with lions and cheetahs on an African savanna. Her hair shines in the firelight.

This time she asks again ‘daddy tell me the story again about how it happened.’ Bill is wearing a T shirt with writing on it. It reads: “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”

Bill starts the same way as before: ‘Jeanne which letter of the alphabet do you want to hear about tonight?’ Jeanne replied ‘E daddy I want to learn hear about the letter E again.’

E – Is For Energy

E-Energy-full-cover jpeg

And so Bill begins his story about the letter E:

‘E is for energy. This story is about how the people rose up and took back control of the energy in the world. It all started back when oil and gas were cheap and plentiful.

Solar energy had been around for over 100 years. All the world used fossil fuels to run cars, heat homes, and run industries.

All was well and lots of money was made.  People everywhere saw that life was good.

Cars were big and roomy. Highways were filled with people traveling places.


The diner experience – Fossil fueled happiness

The skies got crowded with airplanes. People began traveling to the far corners of the planet.

New and exotic cultures were now made tourist destinations.’ bill paused here to stir the fire and add another log.

‘Men began to travel above the Earth. They turned around and looked back for the first time at the planet they came from.’

This is your Home, Your Mother, and your Life!

This is your Home, Your Mother, and your Life!

Here Jeanne grew impatient and interrupted her father. ‘Daddy that was way before the people won back the power. I want to hear about that.’

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