Video #7 Theo Simon talks about Environmentalism

Environmentalism, Capitalism & Democracy

We have sold control of our energy to companies like EDF, BG, Eon, SSE and the rest. We have given away the National Grid that transports all our electricity and gas in the UK.

These companies have made Billions each year by taking money from us. Using our state owned power generating systems they are ripping us off.

Is it time we took all this back now. The UK power companies are not going to implement the necessary changes to our power generation.

Take Back The Power to decide

In the 7th video interview with Theo Simon we discuss the nature of labels. Theo discusses the way corporations are trying to Co-Opt the very words we use to describe who we are.

Power companies want you to think that they are kind to nature. EDF wants to build a new nuclear power plant in Somerset. This is not the way forward.

The Videos that have been posted so far discuss all the facts about why we do not need a new nuke plant. The videos show why we must stop this disastrous waste of 16 billion pounds.

Video interviews show the truth for all to hear and see

Look at all the videos linked in this blog and you will have a clear understanding too. Get your friends to watch these interviews.

I need your help to get the message out in the UK. We don’t want nuclear power and we do not need nuclear power.

The DECC has made plans to build a total of 80 new nuclear power plants. This is David Cameron’s idea of being Green. In fact this is the biggest waste of money and precious time since Nero fiddled!!

We do not have the time to waste waiting for new nuclear power plants. We can begin Reducing our energy needs without sacrifice. We can start building the renewable energy future we need Today.

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Ownership Is Democracy – Video #6 Public Ownership

Ownership Is Democracy

Ownership is democracy here in the UK or anywhere. Who owns the electricity generation plants in the UK? You don’t own them. Major energy companies own them. What effect does this have on the democratic way of life we expect to enjoy?

Video #6 looks at the relationship between the owners of energy production and the power to influence the political process. EDF is working hard to remove democracy from the power industry.

EDF tried to block all protests for new nukes

In 2012 EDF filed a petition with the High Courts to block any protest against the construction of Hinkley C, or other new nuclear build projects. This is undemocratic and illegal under EU laws on human rights. This is the face of corporate ownership of energy. 

This move by EDF created a protest movement to force the courts to allow protests about new nuclear plants. A protest to allow future protests! We really have to work to keep democracy alive! Or we could own the power itself!

Power to the people creates greater democracy

It is actions like this, by the greedy power companies, that are undermining democracy of this country. When we can produce our own energy using community power schemes and roof top solar systems WE own the power of production and control of our government. The only way to achieve this is to take back public ownership of the National Grid and the gas and electricity supply.

Undemocratic deals being done for more nuke plants with Putin

In a previous blog post I exposed the work being done by this government behind closed doors to get Russia to build new nuclear plants in our country. How many of YOU would allow a oligarch like Putin, who has just annexed the Crimea using troops and propaganda, to build nuclear plants here in the UK?

I don’t understand how we can complain about the lack of freedom and democracy in China and Russia and then try to sign deals with these countries to build nuclear plants on our soil. Do you want Russia to build a new nuclear plant here in your back yard? I do not!

Write to your MP now!

You can have your say today by writing to your local and national representatives. Write to your MP now!

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Owning Our Power Is Our Energy Security Video #5

Owning our Power is the key to security

Owning our power is the key to our energy security. Owning the means to produce our energy means that we can never be held ransom by anyone person or country.

Video #5 is all about energy security. Should we be selling our energy production to foreign countries? OR, in a rapidly changing world should we be owning our electricity generation systems?

Owning our power and the means of production is security

Will buying back all UK energy production and energy grids help us remain independent of other countries? Can public ownership of our energy services give us the power to chose renewable energy?

Cameron selling out to French and Chinese nuclear is NOT owning our power

David Cameron recently initiated a proposal to build a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley in Somerset. The funding for building this new plant will come from the Chinese. British citizens will provide the tax money to underwrite this boondoggle. EDF is supposed to build and operate this new nuclear plant.

The Chinese and EDF had to be bribed with promises of twice the current rate of payment for nuclear electricity. We currently pay  £45 per Megawatt hour. the EDF and the Chinese investors will get £92.50 per Megawatt hour.

UK and Europe are opposed to nuclear power.

Fortunately there are many people in the UK and in Europe that disagree with this proposal. In the UK we have many groups and organizations working to end any thoughts about building new nuclear plants.

There were 1750 accidents, mishaps or leaks at UK nuclear plants between 2002-2009.

Here is just one good reason why. 1750! This is no random number. This is the number of accidents mishaps and leaks at UK nuclear power plants from 2002-2009.

The scale of safety problems inside Britain’s nuclear power stations has been revealed for the first time in a secret report obtained by the Observer that shows more than 1,750 leaks, breakdowns or other “events” over the past seven years.

British public will underwrite 16bil plant construction cost. Energy security or indentured servitude?

The European Union in Brussels is questioning the UK government promise to underwrite the £16bil. cost of the new plant at Hinkley.

This is not energy security. this is an energy crisis that will lead to greater insecurity of our means of generating electricity.

Write to your representative and tell them how you feel

Write to you MP now!. Tell them to stop being stupid and start building the renewable energy future we need today.

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Stop Hinkley and Frack Free Somerset Join Forces for 2 Nites of Information and Action

Stop Hinkley is working for you

Stop Hinkley is dedicated to the decommissioning of all the nuclear reactors on the Bristol Channel and the Severn Estuary and is committed to the introduction of greener technologies more appropriate to this millennium.

Stop Hinkley Site

Stop Hinkley Site

Stop Hinkley started life in the mid-eighties as ‘Stop Hinkley Expansion’ (SHE). As the name suggests, the goal was to ward off the government plan to build a new Pressurised Water Reactor known as Hinkley C.

Stopping Hinkley C is vital to our renewable energy future

I have already covered the Stop Hinkley movement. Working to stop new nuclear power in the UK is vital to our renewable future. You have the videos to watch via these links to the original blog posts: video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4.

France banned fracking! UK needs to ban fracking also?

Fracking has been covered here too. France has BANNED fracking forever because the French people care for their environment. We need to stop fracking in the UK for the same reasons.

From the FFS website

Frack Free February logo

Last meeting 27th February 2014 in bath

Frack Free February is a Month of Action in Somerset with public meetings, talks, stalls, workshops, actions and more all raising awareness about the threats to our communities and the bigger picture of extreme energy.

Stop Hinkley C and Frack Free Somerset are holding a few meetings you need to know about: Radiation Risks of Fracking and Nuclear Waste.

Write to your MP

Write to your MP now!


Accident at Hinkley C? Video interview #4 seek the Truth

What if there is an accident at Hinkley C?


What if there was an accident at Hinkley C? What if the accident at hinkley C was like the ones at  Fukushima or Chernobyl? A nuclear accident at the coast of Somerset would end the lifestyles of millions of British citizens. Every major and minor city within the radiation zone would have to be evacuated. Like Fukushima where an exclusion zone of 80Km was recommended.

Accident at hinkley C = No More Glastonbury!


We could never have a Glastonbury festival ever again! Every city West of Salisbury to the Atlantic coast would have to be evacuated. Every city South of Pontypool to the channel coast would have to be evacuated.

Accident at Hinkley C

Fukushima blows up


We have discussed the financial disaster that new nuclear power would create.

We have discussed the lack of need for new nuclear power.

We have discussed the waste from nuclear power which we STILL have no place to store safely.

An Accident at Hinkley C would be a true disaster

Now we discuss the possibility of an accident at the proposed new nuclear power plant at Hinkley.

Here is the link to video #4 in my series of interviews.

Accident at Hinkley C may look like this

Fukushima reactor blows up

Let the people decide which is better

We the people can make the right choice if we have all the facts. With the truth we can make an informed decision about what direction our energy policy should take.

We don’t know all the facts. The energy companies are keeping the truth from us. We must learn the truth. The truth will set us free and end nuclear power in the UK forever.

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Video Interview #3 – Hinkley C and Nuclear Waste

Nuclear Waste? We can’t build Hinkley C

The last video spoke about the financial stupidity of building a new nuclear power plant. This new video looks at the nuclear waste issue.

This blog is a look at part of my interview with Theo Simon. Theo is one of the spokes persons for Stop Hinkley C. Nuclear waste is one of the biggest concerns surrounding a new plant at Hinkley.

Nuclear Waste

Proposed Hinkley C: Power Plant and Waste Dump

In this video we discuss the most compelling reason for not building a new nuclear power plant: nuclear waste.

Nuclear waste is already the most expensive part of our current nuclear program. Estimates say that over £70 Billion will be required to safely store our waste underground.  This cost is going up all the time. The crazy part is that we have no place to store our waste.

The new plans for a nuclear plant at Hinkley will include waste storage on site! that means the good people of Somerset can look forward to having more nuclear waste stored in their county for hundreds of years.

The legacy of nuclear waste on British soil will be the undoing of our heritage and our green and pleasant land. Radioactive waste is not part of our idea of a nice place to live.

We can change the way things are going. We can make a difference if we all pull together as a team.

Time to Write your MP.

Time to write your Congressman, or Senator.

Time to write to your representatives within the National People’s Congress.

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Interview Video II: The Financial Swindle

The Financial Swindle

It turns out that the UK public is underwriting 10 billion pounds of the construction cost for Hinkley C. This will create a nuclear disaster of a different sort. A Nuclear Financial Disaster, NFD!

I have mentioned that we don’t need Hinkley C or any other new nuclear power plant.

Video interview #2: The Financial Swindle

Here is another interview video interview with Theo Simon.

The government will pay a bribe to Somerset County and West Somerset councils to help the Hinkley C project. The deal, totaling £128m, will last for 40 years, which is the planned lifetime of Hinkley Point C. This cost is in addition to the build price and the costs of waste disposal(a totally unknown amount).

Selling our future for too high a price is a financial swindle

The High price for Hinkley C power is a financial disaster. Today, electricity sells on the wholesale market for about £45 per megawatt-hour (MwH). But anything under £90 a MwH would see Hinkley lose money. On the other hand, go over £100 and by 2020, when Hinkley would still not be operating, wind energy would be cheaper.

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion, said: “When City analysts tell you a contract is ‘economically insane’, it’s time to admit that you might have got it wrong. The analysis doesn’t even take into account the fact that they are only expected to meet a ‘share’ of the costs of dealing with the toxic waste created by their generators, with the public facing another bill for clean-up costs in future.”

So we the people will pay twice the going rate for electricity. We will have to forgo the construction of better cleaner and cheaper options like wind. And we will have a thousand years of radioactive nuclear waste to keep safe. We don’t even know the cost for that.

Time to Write your MP.

Time to write your Congressman, or Senator.

Time to write to your representatives within the National People’s Congress.

Check out the next video interview.

No To Hinkley C! A Video: No New Nuclear Power! We Don’t Need It!

Say No to Hinkley C

Abundant energy surrounds us every day. We can use wind energy to make electricity. We can use the Sun’s light to make solar electricity. The tides and wave action of our rivers and bays can give us more energy.

To put it as simply as possible we do not need any new nuclear power plant in this country.  I have had an interview with Theo Simon from

No to Hinkley C

Stop Hinkley C Site

The interview was taped so that I could provide you with a clear understanding of why we will stop hinkley from being built.

See the Video interview – No to Hinkley C

Video 1: No To Hinkley C

Please watch this video and come back to see the other interviews that I am posting in future. I am doing interviews for my book “E is for Energy – The 9 Lies of the Energy Monopoly.”

If you have anyone in mind that would like to take part in an interview, please leave a comment below.

If this video has moved you into action, start by writing your MP

If you have written to your MP then check out the site and see how you can help.

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