We will build electricity storage into our renewable energy future.

I talk about renewable energy all the time to any who will listen. Many of these conversations eventually come to a point where the skeptic is asking what happens when the sun doesn’t shine, or the wind doesn’t blow. It seems as though few people have learned about the many different methods currently used to store energy for when it is needed.

Stored hydro is but one of many methods that are used across the world to keep electricity that has been generated in excess or when it is not wanted. one of the latest methods is using solar energy to feed a Hydrogen electrolisizer. This method is used in England today to help balance the grid curing peak energy demands. The trial system is getting energy from the Sun through solar panels not from the electric grid. So Solar Panels make Hydrogen which makes electricity when needed and its all green renewable energy.

This is a future energy system I can believe in. This is a future design that YOU can help create now

Write your MP and tell him to support more renewable energy. Write him and say we don’t want a new nuclear plant, not one not eight, NONE. Lets get our government to sup0port green renewable energy by writing them today.

About the DESERTEC Foundation

Who we are

The DESERTEC Foundation is a global civil society initiative aiming to shape a sustainable future. It was established on 20 January 2009 as a non-profit foundation that grew out of a network of scientists, politicians and economists from around the Mediterranean, who together developed the DESERTEC Concept. Founding members of DESERTEC Foundation are the German Association of the Club of Rome, members of the international network as well as committed private individuals.

What we do

We are working on the fast global implementation of the DESERTEC Concept, a comprehensive solution that combats global warming, ensures a reliable energy supply, and promotes development and security. With around 30 staff members, national associations and a network of regional coordinators as well as a large global community of supporters, we are active around the world:

  • We inform the civil society sector and politicians about the benefits of DESERTEC
  • Promote the establishment of the framework conditions necessary for a global transition to renewables
  • Support knowledge transfer and scientific co-operation
  • Foster exchange and co-operation with the private sector