Energy Democracy = Free Energy

Energy democracy is almost here

Energy democracy is a new term. We have seen the growth of local municipal energy generation projects. Roof top solar on your house is growing in popularity. Universities and schools are now effective sites for generating energy. All this means we are entering a new age.

Energy Democracy is the new age. For over 125 years we have been sold to, told to, and generally treated as ignorant energy buy-bots. Energy consumers are still treated this way by an industry that is scrambling to find ways to deal with renewable energy. Wind and solar PV are killing the existing model for energy generation. The old paradigm of centralized energy production is dying along with their gross profit margins. The oil and gas sector is suffering a similar fate.  More on that later. For now how is this change of energy generation and consumption effecting your bill?

Energy democracy means free energy?

Free energy may be coming to a house near you soon. How is this possible, you ask. Good question. With a simple answer.

If you have enough solar PV generation on your roof AND enough battery storage you can get free energy. Not totally free as you do need to pay for all the kit and installation, Or do you???

There are many offers in the marketplace for buying your energy at a discount from a supplier who fits solar to your roof. there are also other offers making the rounds in trials here in the UK for energy storage installed in your home. The cost can be offset by selling energy to the grid using a process called aggregation. This may pay for the storage. Now you have energy generation on your roof which cost you nothing, and saves you energy on your bill. Added to this is a battery system offered with an income potential to offset the cost of installation. Very close to free.

Energy democracy in action

One of many Community Windpower projects


The bigger picture of energy production is changing as well. The growth of local, community, and county owned generation projects is increasing energy owned locally.

No more are we tied to a corporate giant producing our energy with no regard to our environment. Owning the means of energy production will help US save our planet. It will also move us closer to free energy for all.


No fracking in the UK is winning

No fracking in the UK is winning

From Friends of the Earth email to me today.


Dear Mark

I emailed you only hours ago I know, but something surprising just happened and I wanted you to know. It means more than ever that your action could help swing things.

This morning I sent an email alerting you to the shocking expose of Government plans to override a decision in Lancashire later this week, if the decision there is not to frack. As I mentioned, this scandal emerged on the same day that MPs debated fracking in Parliament.

I also asked you to share the news to help keep Lancashire – and the rest of the UK – frack free. A massive thank you to everyone who did. Within a few hours the number of petition signatures rocketed – down to all of us working together.

It’s really making a difference. In an unexpected turn, the Government was forced to agree to ban fracking in protected areas for wildlife, areas of outstanding natural beauty, or near drinking water sources.  This is good news and shows that the Government are on the backfoot – a mark that momentum is very much on our side. Our movement is getting stronger every day, and we’re starting to see the results.

However, these changes don’t go far enough, and won’t necessarily stop fracking in Lancashire. Disappointingly, MPs rejected calls for a moratorium – suspension – of fracking.

As so often with campaigning, it’s a step in the right direction, but it’s not over yet. In the short term, it means all eyes on Lancashire for the fracking decisions due there later this week. If you haven’t already, I’m sure you know what to do – keep spreading the word with all your family and friends and ask them to sign the petition too, using the buttons at the bottom of this email.

For over three years, Friends of the Earth has been working alongside people who live in Lancashire who could facing fracking on their doorstep. Now is the time for them to feel the up swell of support from all of us no matter where we live.

We don’t know what will be decided later this week in Lancashire. What we do know is that now is the time for us to all pull together. Today shows that when we do, it makes a difference.

So thank you for reading this email, for your support, and for doing what you can to put a brake on fracking: not here, not anywhere.

With thanks and hope,
Nikki and the fracking team Helen, Rachel, Tony, Donna, Jake, Rose, Teresa, Jamie, Naomi and Jenny


My email from earlier today

Dear Mark

Have you seen today’s Guardian? The headline: the Government has got secret plans to help frack Lancashire even if locals decide against it.

A letter leaked to Friends of the Earth – sent from Chancellor George Osborne to Cabinet colleagues – shows that while David Cameron recently said local councils and communities should make decisions about fracking, the Government is preparing to override a potential ‘No to fracking’ decision in Lancashire. The Lancashire decision is due to be made this week.

This is a scandalous story that needs to be shared. Please share it with your family and friends to spread the word.

The damning exposé of the Government’s collusion comes on the same day that MPs debate fracking in Parliament. Whether the UK remains frack free is in the balance. Together we can help tip the balance by shining a light on the Government’s dirty fracking secrets.

The leaked letter shows just how worried the Government is that fracking might not go ahead in Lancashire, and they’ve every reason to be, as more and more people say on fracking: not here, not anywhere.

With thanks and hope,

Nikki, Helen, Rachel, Tony, Donna, Jake, Rose, Teresa and Jenny

PS You can read more about the leaked letter here. And you can read the Guardian’s report here.

PPS In case you’d like to be in Lancashire when the fracking decisions are made, our friends at Frack Off are organising coaches from around the country.

Wind Solar & Storage

Wind Solar & Storage

Wind Solar & Storage are key to solving our climate and energy challenges.

Here is a great article about your future. From Clean Technica 2012
Imagine, if you will clean, renewable energy almost fully powering a full-scale electricity grid.

Ok, it’s hard to believe now, but with recent advances in wind and solar power, it may not be that far off.

Wind Solar & Storage

Wind Solar & Storage are key to our future


Image Credit: Wind turbine via pedrosala / Shutterstock

And, it may come within the next two decades, if researchers from the University of Delaware (UD) and Delaware Technical College (DTCC) have their way.

Wind Solar & Storage are here


A new report from the two institutions suggests that, by 2030, renewable energy could power a large electrical grid a stunning 99.9%, and at close to today’s energy costs!

Analysts at UD and DTCC suggest a well-developed mixture of solar, wind, fuel cells, and battery storage would produce greater supply than electricity demand, plus keep energy costs low.

“These results break the conventional wisdom that renewable energy is too unreliable and expensive,” said co-author, professor in the School of Marine Science and Policy in UD’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment Willett Kempton in the article.

“The key is to get the right combination of electricity sources and storage—which we did by an exhaustive search—and to calculate costs correctly,” he said.

Researchers used a model with 28 billion combinations of storage schemes, and renewable energy sources. Each combination was tested over historical hourly weather data and electricity use over a four-year span. Analysts used data for the model from PJM Interconnection, representing one-fifth of the US electricity grid, which spans 13 states, ranging from the Midwest (Illinois) to the East Coast (New Jersey).

Wind Solar & Storage are developing fast

This report was a bit different than others in that it looked at cutting energy costs as much as possible, rather than simply focusing on matching energy generation to energy generation use.

Meanwhile, the report found that, creating more electricity than required during regular hours to meet high energy use (but during low wind hours) would have lower costs compared to storing the excess energy for higher consumption later (of course, this is based on the assumption we won’t see any storage breakthroughs in that time).

Storage can be more costly because storage mediation, hydrogen tanks, or batteries need to be bigger for an extra hour of energy held.

So, one new finding that should warm the hart of clean-tech fans out there is researchers believe a huge electrical system could be running nearly completely on renewable energy.

“For example, using hydrogen for storage, we can run an electric system that today would meeting a need of 72 GW, 99.9 percent of the time, using 17 GW of solar, 68 GW of offshore wind, and 115 GW of inland wind,” said Cory Budischak, instructor in the Delaware’s Technical Community College Energy Management Department and a U of D alumnus.

Wind and solar energy generators need higher installed gigawatt (GW) capacity; unlike conventional generators, because renewable energy forms do not achieve maximum capacity as much of the time, the report found. One gigawatt would equal 250,000 rooftop solar systems, or 200 large wind turbines.

Researchers gazed 18 years into the future on what a large-scale clean electricity system would look like and some of the findings are very interesting:

The study sheds light on what an electric system might look like with heavy reliance on renewable energy sources. Wind speeds and sun exposure vary with weather and seasons, requiring ways to improve reliability. In this study, reliability was achieved by: expanding the geographic area of renewable generation, using diverse sources, employing storage systems, and for the last few percent of the time, burning fossil fuels as a backup. During the hours when there was not enough renewable electricity to meet power needs, the model drew from storage and, on the rare hours with neither renewable electricity or stored power, then fossil fuel. When there was more renewable energy generated than needed, the model would first fill storage, use the remaining to replace natural gas for heating homes and businesses and only after those, let the excess go to waste.


Analysts, besides pointing to the possibility of a large, clean electric grid, pointed to such a grid being just as cost-effective. Researchers looked at technology costs in 2030, in comparison with fossil fuel prices today, not factoring subsidies. The report also factored as part of fossil fuel costs, external pricing, including air pollution due to fossil fuels.

Meanwhile, estimates in the report point to capital costs in 2030 for wind and solar to be 50% less than today’s capital prices, while maintenance costs would be in line with current costs.

“Aiming for 90 percent or more renewable energy in 2030, in order to achieve climate change targets of 80 to 90 percent reduction of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the power sector, leads to economic savings,” the report’s authors noted in the article.


Future or Mirai

Future or Mirai

Future or Mirai is today! the past is yesterday. Now that we have that part explained, what does it all mean?

This is an exciting time for humans and our global climate. For over a year now I have been blogging about the desperate need to reduce carbon output. We are a world dependent on dirty and damaging fossil fuels and disastrous nuclear energy. Energy giants of the world are a monopoly that seek to continue the use of oil and gas. There is another way, and there has been for over 100years.


Many previous blogs on this site have covered the production, storage, and use of Hydrogen. Hydrogen is the new energy medium. You can generate it from many sources including water. Hydrogen is stored in portable cylinders, underground chambers, and national gas grids. Hydrogen is used to turn carbon dioxide into methane. Hydrogen is transported via pipelines, trucks, or ships. Hydrogen when burned or consumed in a fuel cell has only one byproduct, Water!

Save the Planet

NASA photo of the earth from Apollo 8

Please help save our home

Hydrogen will save the planet from the ultimate destruction of global climate change. Does your country have renewable energy like solar or wind? Great! Use hydrogen as a storage medium to save the excess production of electricity. Here in the UK our national grid is paying wind farm operators to NOT produce energy. Solar energy is only available during the day so storage is a must for use during the night.

Now Toyota has unveiled their new Miria. This will be the first production fuel cell vehicle in the world. And it is a game changer. Oil and gas oligarchies be ware! your time is over! Free energy form the sun and wind will now be used to generate hydrogen for use in cars. Now we do not need oil or gas. To the  investment bankers reading this; the time is now for divesting from oil and gas companies. Divest while you still can.

For the rest of us the time to celebrate is now, well now in the USA and mid 2015 in Europe.

Look for Mirai in the US soon. I’m going to buy a fleet and make them taxis

A better Deal

A Better Deal

A better deal is available. Energy storage is a way to capture electricity generated from renewable sources. Here in the UK we have an abundance of renewable energy generation. Wind energy is abundant. Solar energy generation is a daytime only method.

A Better Deal = Energy Storage

Storage of electricity is the key to unlocking the many benefits of renewable energy. When the sun shines we can to store any energy that we don’t need. When the wind blows we can to store the excess energy produced.


The issue for power plants is flexibility. “Large amounts of wind energy are being reliably and cost-effectively integrated onto the power system today,” said Denise Bode, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), who added “Energy storage can be a valuable resource for the power system in maximizing the efficient use of this resource, and add flexibility for electric utilities.”

Here is a bit of an article at the Guardian article about grid storage:

Across the world, efforts are underway to improve the way we store and distribute energy, as we move towards more sustainable but intermittent forms of energy generation, such as wind and solar power.

A better Deal

Solar energy storage is the Key

Improving the way we store energy is important for the UK’s energy security, as it will allow us to decouple energy generation and its usage. If we can find a better way to store energy it will allow us to save it when it’s generated and use it when it’s required, replacing our current awkward system where generation has to match demand in real time.

Storage of electricity is not a new concept. There are many storage methods employed by the National Grid to save energy for a rainy day. There are many new ways to store energy too. I have written about several of these here on this blog.

From free energy generation created by school girls, to British energy companies that actually like the environment, we do have a green way forward. We can create all the energy we need without destroying the planet or building new nuclear power plants.

The key to making all this work is energy storage.

Bad Deal

Bad Deal for us all

A Bad Deal? The EU recently approved the UK plan to subsidise a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley. Brussels gave the go ahead to the state subsidy scheme. The plan will offers EDF Energy a set price for 35 years. This clears another hurdle on the way to the  first nuclear reactors to be built in Britain for almost 20 years. This is a big backward step for renewable energy. This is a giant step back for the EU commission that only in January this year was highly critical of the plan.

Bad Deal – Critical beginnings

In January Greenpeace published an article on the EU Commission. Here is a bit of that article: “The European Commission (EC) has delivered a fiercely skeptical initial take on the UK Government’s deal with French state owned EDF to build the first new nuclear reactor in the UK for a generation, concluding the measures definitely categorise as state aid.

The government of David Cameron has always thought this is a great idea. He helps out his friends and you and I get saddled with the debt for 35 years.

The government report looks like this:

From The .gov website: “The State aid case included both the proposed Contract for Difference, which provides the developer with an increased price certainty for the electricity generated by the plant, and the proposed UK Guarantee for the project, which will help unlock debt finance.”

Now the EU commission has approved a plant they first thought was barmy. Fortunately the NAO – National Audit Office will also look into planed subsidies for Hinkley.

From  “The National Audit Office (NAO) has begun an investigation into UK Government plans to subsidise the proposed new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. The NAO is the financial watchdog which scrutinises public spending on behalf of parliament.”


A Bad Deal

Hinkley C will bankrupt us

Hinkley A is shut down and full of contaminated material with no place to go. The costs to remove all the radioactive material and dispose of it is in the billions. There is no place to put the radioactive material. That is why it is still there.

Sellafield is worse – Mirror – “The fluid is being kept in rotting containers which are open to the elements, according to a worker who leaked images of the 70-year-old plant. Crumbling containers of toxic waste abandoned 40 years ago at “rundown” Sellafield are putting Britain at risk of a nuclear disaster, it is claimed.”

Hinkley B is still operating even though many cracks to the core insulating material have been found. Many cracks in the carbon insulating material weaken the integrity of the reactor safety. If just one of these insulators gives way it could start a chain reaction.

Hinkley C will bankrupt us all due to excessive costs. The build price was £14bil, then £16Bil, and now the EU approved a state sponsored £20bil. The government is promising the operator twice the current price for electricity produced for 35 years. Here is the governments own spin.

Lets stop it now Sign the petitions. Ban building new Nuclear Power Stations

More about the crazy new Hinkley design here ->

Fracking Mess

Fracking mess for YOU! K?

A fracking mess awaits us all. David Cameron is pushing fracking on our green and pleasant land. You and I and the whole country will pay the price.

The fracking mess, the damage done.

The damage is already done at many fracking sites. Fracking has stopped but the environmental damage is done.  The damage is irreversible and long term. Drinking water is polluted for future generations.

fracking mess

Fracking destroying water supplies

Excerpt from

Nearly 3 billion gallons of waste water were illegally injected into central California aquifers. Half of the water samples collected have high levels of dangerous chemicals. Arsenic, a known carcinogen that can also weaken the human immune system was found.  Thallium, a toxin used in rat poison was also found in the water.

Timothy Krantz is a professor of environmental studies at the University of Redlands. He says these chemicals could pose a serious risk to public health. “The fact that high concentrations are showing up in multiple water wells close to wastewater injection sites raises major concerns about the health and safety of nearby residents.”

MORE DAMAGE – A video we all need to see:

4 Mile Long eruption of Liquid Sand + stored CO2 @ Fracking operation in Colorado.


From sumofus website:

fracking mess

Cameron close to fracking firms

A massive 40,000 people formally objected to proposals to change trespass laws so that fracking companies can extract oil and gas from under people’s land without permission. Showing utter disdain for democracy, the government has decided to ignore this outpouring of public opposition, and go ahead with changing the law in favour of the frack-happy 1%.

All this to get gas from the ground we do not need and must stop using.


In the UK wind, sun, bio-mass, heat from the earth, and tidal and wave forces can each provide a vast and constantly replenished energy  supply. These diverse sources of renewable energy have the technical potential to provide the electricity nation needs.

The Union of Concerned Scientists website has a nice article about this.

Write your mp now!

New Gas Source . Free Energy!

Free Energy

We can now make electricity and gas with our bodily fluids! School girls create amazing system that is so simple.

1 litre makes 6 hours of electricity

Here is the link to their idea.

Free Energy

Girls invent gas generator system

Free energy . No crisis

From Collective Evolution

While the mainstream media continues to push the idea that we are facing an energy crisis due to a lack of resources, more people are actually looking into alternative energy and discovering that there really is no energy crisis at at all. We aren’t facing a lack of resources, we have multiple means to provide energy to billions of people without damaging the environment and diminishing resources.

Free Energy . Clean Green Power

Imagine if the waste from your bathroom visits was transported into a tank which converted it into energy to power your own house. What if all the toilets in your city all led to one spot which converted the waste to harness immense power? I know it’s not that easy, but the technology is there.

Free Energy

Here is a sewage powered generator

If we want to help our planet we must move away from the use of unsustainable energy technologies such as oil and nuclear, on a mass scale. Energy generation practices that aren’t clean should be banned from use. The cleaner and greener options are already here, we just need the information to reach more people.

Everybody on the planet should have access to clean green power, we have the solutions to make this possible. The implications of some clean green energy generation techniques are far reaching, and would eliminate poverty worldwide.

The answer is always there. We must make our representatives aware of the NEED to Change NoW!

Write to you MP – Building a Global Climate Movement is a Movement, You in?

What is 350? From their website: is building a global climate movement. Our online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions are coordinated by a global network active in over 188 countries.

The number 350 means climate safety: to preserve a livable planet, scientists tell us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 400 parts per million to below 350 ppm.

Why 350?

Why use the number 350? From their site:

Ready For Renewables NOW!

“Since the beginning of human civilization, our atmosphere contained about 275 ppm of carbon dioxide. That is the planet “on which civilization developed and to which life on earth is adapted.”

Our Global Target Miss It And We All Die

That’s Dr. James Hansen talking, former head of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Dr. Hansen is one of the most respected climatologists in the world, and when he says that climate change is incompatible with human civilization, we think human civilization ought to sit up and take notice.

That “350 ppm” is where gets its name. “PPM” stands for “parts per million,” which is simply a way of measuring the ratio of carbon dioxide molecules to all of the other molecules in the atmosphere. Many scientists, climate experts, and progressive national governments agree with Dr. Hansen that 350 ppm is the “safe” level of carbon dioxide.

Use the Map

Beginning in the 18th century, humans began to burn coal, gas, and oil to produce energy and goods. The amount of carbon in the atmosphere began to rise, at first slowly and now more quickly. Many of the activities we do every day like turning the lights on, cooking food, or heating our homes rely on energy sources that emit carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases. We’re taking millions of years worth of carbon, once stored beneath the earth as fossil fuels, and releasing it into the atmosphere.


Find local activities near to you. Start a 350 movement yourself. Use the Map to see whats going on near you.

Do It Today Tomorrow May Be To Late

Where did it all start: Earth

Where did it all begin? Earth

In 1968 I was a youg lad watching TV like millions of other kids. The world was not that different from today with a few exceptions.

The corporate takeover of democracy.

The civil rights movement in the USA was at its zenith. Martin Luther King was assassinated. Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated.  Self-determination and Democracy were dying with these great leaders. Corporations were taking over so much of the world that its now difficult to remember a free world. It is a distant memory.

A bright ray of light and hope

One memory that stands out during this seminal year of 1968 is a ray of hope and light. This was a message sent to the planet Earth from the far side of the Moon. This is commonly known as the Apollo 8 Christmas Message.

That message was received by 100’s of millions of people on Earth. We also received a picture that no one had ever see before. The picture known today as Earthrise.

NASA photo of the earth from Apollo 8

The first Selfie of our home Planet Earth

I would like you to take a close look at this photo. Click on the link above and get a larger image of this photo.Print it off and put it on your wall.

Notice that you can’t see your country. From only 250,000km away all sense of division and identity merges into oneness. The Earth movement started because of this picture.

Take a good look at our fragile and broken home

This one photo made humans see their situation in a clear and cold light. Earth is all there is and we need to take care of it. Polluting our environment is an insane idea when you look at things from here.

We have only one Earth to work with and use and live on. When it is gone we are gone with it. There are many working to save this beautiful blue ball. Can you help too?

Volunteers for the Planet

Send a message to this website if you are ready to help. Use the comment section below and leave me a note with an email address. This Blog has started to grow and I think the time is right to take the next step.