24 Hours of Coal Free Energy

Coal Free Energy Generation For A Day!

The UK had a coal free energy day last week. Friday the 21st was the first 24 hour period with out coal for over 130 years.

Our industrial heritage is a corner stone of British history. Coal drove the industrial revolution, replacing water power as the primary source of energy. For 130 years this has continued. Our proud miners and energy engineers have used this fossil fuel to power our progress and make Britain great.

The next industrial revolution is now underway. This industrial revolution is driven by new technologies.

Coal Free Energy

Coal Free Energy

Community Wind Power

Power from wind and sun and biomass are replacing old and polluting  energy sources. This is good for industries, good for employment, and good for our planet. For too long we have denied or ignored the damage we are causing to our environment by burning fossil fuels. This 3rd industrial revolution is creating the power of the future today

The power generated by these new forms of renewable energy have created this first step in our path to fossil free energy.

Coal free energy for the 2nd time

In 2016 we had 4 separate events of energy generation without coal over a few days. This was a sign of things to come and I blogged about this. Now we have reached the next level. one whole continuous 24 hour period without burning coal for energy.

Coal free energy for a week?

A better Deal

Solar energy

Coal Free Energy

Energy from coal

I am looking forward to the next milestone along the highway to 100% renewable energy. I will be glad to see an end to all burning of coal for energy or other uses. Saving our planet starts by getting rid of polluting industrial processes that can be easily replaced and offer new jobs and opportunities for us all.


Coal Drops Off The Grid Four Days In 2016

Coal Is Off The Grid For The First Time In +100 years

Can it be that coal dropped off the grid? Coal has been burning in electricity generation plants since 1882. The continuous use of coal has been a cheap way to provide heat and light for our homes. Coal power has fuelled economic growth. Coal has been the bane of our country’s inner cities for just as long. The dark days of the London fogs killed thousands. China is now dealing with a similar epidemic of coal related deaths. But now an end is near. The UK is turning the corner on dirty fuels.

Dirty Coal Off The Grid

Dirty Coal Off The Grid

Here in the UK we have been supporting renewable energy for several years. Solar energy grew very quickly during the FIT years. Wind generators were built from cornwall to Coventry. Wind power was built in the seas surrounding the UK as well. At one point only a few years ago we had the fastest growing wind generation system of any country on earth.





Wind and other renewables takes coal off the grid

Now we see the dividends. Now we see cleaner energy generation. In 2016 for the

Coal off the grid

Coal replaced

first time in over 120 years no coal was burned. No dirty coal fumes polluted our skies for a few short hours. For a few days in 2016 our energy was cleaner. For just four days in 2016 coal was off the grid.

The current government has cut support for renewables of all types. The Feed In Tariff was cut twice and is now a fraction of what it once was. The government is taxing solar installations further hampering continued growth. Wind generators on shore and off shore have been hit hard by this government as well. Subsidies for wind generation have been cut. On shore wind has been nearly banned by government blockades and red tape. Meanwhile the fracking that no one wants is being forced through local communities against the will of local government. New nuclear power that will bankrupt the country is going forward with billions of illegal subsidies.

Perhaps the government needs to rethink their support for fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Fuel for the future today – Carbon neutral and made from air and water.

Fuel for the future, todayCarbon neutral from air and water.

Fuels of the future will be made using renewable energy water and CO2 captured from the air. This new form of carbon neutral fuel will be used to drive IC engines and run steam generation plants. Soon all those diesel truck polluting our atmosphere will be using this fuel for the future.   From Audi who invented this amazing fuel:

After a commissioning phase of just four months, [Audi’s] research facility in Dresden started producing its first batches of high‑quality diesel fuel a few days ago. To demonstrate its suitability for everyday use, Federal Minister of Education and Research Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka put the first five liters into her official car, an Audi A8 3.0 TDI clean diesel quattro*, this Tuesday. “This synthetic diesel, made using CO2, is a huge success for our sustainability research. If we can make widespread use of CO2 as a raw material, we will make a crucial contribution to climate protection and the efficient use of resources, and put the fundamentals of the “green economy” in place,” declared Wanka. – Excerpt ends.


Fuel for the future today

Johanna Wanka, and Reiner Mangold in front of the carbon neutral car(Audi Photo)


 Fuel for the future is made from the sun and will drive your car clean.

This concept moves us in a better direction than fracking. By using renewable energy sources to make carbon-neutral fuel, we are not destroying the environment. Fracking destroys the environment in many ways. By capturing CO2 in our atmosphere and turning it into fuel we will be much closer to saving our planet. This is very similar to using biomass to heat your home. The carbon being released by burning wood was captured from our atmosphere as the bio-life grew.

Fuel for the future today

Audi makes clean diesel from air and water.(Audi Photo)

Fuels for the future will change the planet.

We can make fuel out of the carbon in our atmosphere. Capturing then using carbon to make clean diesel fuel removes oil and gas from the equation. Renewable energy from the sun the wind is produced in surplus. This energy needs to be stored to make all renewable energy viable. Making diesel fuel that is clean and clear of dirty oil by-products will clean up our environment. It will store energy for later use. We no have the ability to make clean fuels with out using any oil or gas. This means we can finally stop burning fossil fuels.

Scotland’s Biggest Power Source Is Renewables!

Scotland’s biggest power source is renewables

Scotland's bigest energy source is renewables



Scotland’s renewable energy generators have moved into 1st place. Scotland produced more energy from renewables than any other source including nuclear power. This is another milestone on the road to 100% sustainable renewable energy generation in Scotland. It will be how we in England will respond to this obvious challenge.

BBC article:

Renewable power has overtaken nuclear to become the main source of electricity in Scotland, the latest figures have suggested.

Wind and hydro power produced 10.3 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity in the first six months of this year, UK government statistics showed.

Meanwhile, National Grid figures showed nuclear power stations generated 7.8TWh over the same period.

Environmental campaigners said it was a “significant landmark”.

National Grid said 5.6TWh of electricity came from coal-fired power stations in the first half of this year, with a further 1.4TWh from gas-fired stations.

Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said the figures showed that the country was continuing to make “good progress” towards its target of generating the equivalent of 100% of Scotland’s electricity demand from renewable sources.

‘Vast potential’

He added: “The fact that energy from renewables has exceeded that from nuclear in the first half of 2014 highlights the vast potential of renewable generation to provide a safe, secure and cost-effective means of electricity generation for this country, together with appropriate levels of thermal generation.

“It is vital that appropriate support for renewables in Scotland is maintained following the introduction of electricity market reform in the UK.”

Niall Stuart, chief executive of the industry body Scottish Renewables, said there was still “plenty of potential” for more to come from renewable power, with offshore wind and marine energy still in the early stages of development.

Mr Stuart added: “This important milestone is good news for anyone who cares about Scotland’s economy, our energy security and our efforts to tackle climate change.

“Every unit of power generated from renewables means less carbon emitted from the burning of fossil fuels, decreases our reliance on imported energy and supports jobs and investment in communities across Scotland.”

He added: “The renewables industry has come a long way in a short space of time but there is still plenty of potential for further growth.

“Offshore wind and marine energy are still in the early stages of development but could make a big contribution to our future energy needs if they get the right support from government. That support includes the delivery of grid connections to the islands, home to the UK’s very best wind, wave and tidal sites.”

Sense of perspective

Lang Banks, director of the environmental group WWF Scotland, said: “Last month, while nuclear reactors were forced to shut because of cracks, Scotland’s renewables were quietly and cleanly helping to keep the lights on in homes across the country.

“Wind turbines in Scotland alone generated enough electricity to supply three millions homes in the UK – equivalent to 126% of the electricity needs of every home north of the border.”

But Paul Younger, professor of Energy Engineering at the University of Glasgow, said it was important to keep a sense of perspective.

He added: “It’s true that we’ve seen an increase in both the installed capacity and output of wind generation over the last year or so, but the 2013 closure of the coal-fired power station at Cockenzie and the downgrading of the gas-fired power station at Peterhead have had a much more dramatic effect on the percentage balance of generation sources.

“What we are seeing is a loss of capability in Scotland to generate on demand. Basically, nuclear generates steadily, 24/7 and we can increase generation from coal and gas as and when we need it. We desperately need not to lose sight of that.

“Otherwise, we will be relying on importing power from England, or else facing blackouts. That would bring a backlash against renewables which I do not want to see.”



New York VS London the fracking wars

New York VS London

In New York VS London we will look at two different ways to deal with fracking.

There are many communities around the world that are against fracking.

New York VS London

Balcombe Fracking Protesters Stop Quadrilla

Countries all over the planet are banning fracking. There are many reasons to ban fracking too. The environmental damage created by fracking alone is reason enough to ban it. Then there is the problem of earthquakes like we had around Blackpool in 2011.

Fracking causes earthquakes

A new report just released in the US has confirmed that fracking caused earthquakes in Ohio. There are other blights upon the landscapes of countries where fracking occurs. Here is a picture of a “flood” reported in the Colorado News.

New York VS London

Colorado Fracking mudslide Kills 3

I put the “flood” in parenthesis as this event happened at the top of a mountain during a dry spell. No rain for days and no source of water to cause the flood. There were several fracking operations ongoing in the area around this site tho.

Then there is the Lapindo mud flow. Lapindo is the largest man made mudflow in the world. Depending on whom you talk to it was the result of some oil drilling that went wrong or an earthquake. The place is named after the oil drilling company, so you decide which one is more likely.

For the last five years, due to drilling by  Lapindo, the volcano has been pumping out boiling hot mud from the ground. More than a hundred thousand people were forced to abandon their homes, without enough compensation to buy new ones.

New York vs London

The never-ending Mudslide from drilling for gas

The volcano that erupted as a result of Lapindo’s drilling operation is still spewing out mud today and will for many years to come. Lusi, the volcano, is located in the Sidoarjo district of the island of Java, and erupted on May 29, 2006 in the middle of a rice field.

It has destroyed 13 villages, dozens of factories and shops and a highway, prompting the government to build dykes 10 metres (33 feet) high to try to contain its spread.

New York has banned fracking. So, here in the UK we have still not stopped fracking yet. But we are getting closer. You can help by contacting your representative in parliament. It is also worthwhile visiting your local council and talking about these important matters with local representatives.

Scottish Power 50% Renewable

Scottish Power 50% Renewable

Scottish power 50% renewable! 50% of all Scottish electricity is produced from renewable energy now. Here is a BBC article about this amazing new development.

The full article re-posted:

25 September 2014 Last updated at 12:41

Wind turbines Wind farms in Scotland saw a 20% rise in output last year

Related Stories

Almost half of the power generated in Scotland now comes from renewable sources, according to official figures.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change said renewables achieved 46.4% of gross electricity consumption in 2013 – up from 39.9% in 2012.

It also found the amount of power generated from renewable sources in Scotland in the first half of this year was 30% up on a year ago.

The period saw wind output rise by 20%, while hydro generation climbed by 50%.

Renewable heat generation accounted for 3% of Scotland’s non-electrical heat demand – up from 2.7% in 2011.

The figures were welcomed by environmental group WWF Scotland.

However, industry group Scottish Renewables warned that Scotland’s 2020 renewable heat target remained “worryingly out of reach”, despite progress in the sector.

Energy efficiencyThe Scottish government said Scotland was on track to meet its interim target of achieving 50% of its electricity demand from green power by 2015.

Energy Minister Fergus Ewing claimed renewable generation continued “to go from strength to strength” in Scotland.

He said: “Scottish renewable electricity made up 32% of the UK’s renewable energy generation in 2013 and we continue to be a net exporter of electricity.

“Energy efficiency sits at the top of our energy hierarchy and the progress being made is welcome.”

Mr Ewing added: “We are committed to making Scotland a leading low carbon investment destination, delivering growth from the growing low carbon sector and ensuring communities across Scotland can benefit from the opportunities that the transition to a low carbon economy brings.”

‘Record year’WWF Scotland director Lang Banks said: “Coming off the back of recent calls by the UN for more action on climate change, it’s fantastic to hear that Scotland is continuing to generate record amounts of clean, renewable electricity.

“Even more encouraging is the fact that this looks like being yet another record year for renewables in Scotland.

“This is good news for all those concerned with cutting carbon emissions, creating jobs and keeping the lights on.

“However, if we’re to meet our aim of generating 100% of our electricity needs from renewables by 2020 then we’ll need to see continued government support in both Holyrood and Westminster.

“This is especially the case for offshore wind power, where we need to see a major roll-out of sites in Scottish waters in the next few years.”

‘Left behind’Scottish Renewables said the figures showed that 3% of the country’s warmth came from biomass, solar thermal panels, energy from waste and heat pumps in 2012.

But it claimed that, with a target of 11% by 2020, the sector had been “left behind”.

solar panels on roof of house Solar PV panels contributed to a small rise in renewable heat figures

Scottish Renewables policy manager Stephanie Clark said: “While Scotland has made great strides towards its 100% 2020 renewable electricity target, our objective of generating 11% of heat from renewables remains worryingly out of reach.

“Renewable heat has been left behind.

“Half the energy we use goes on creating warmth, but a sector which has such an important role to play in combating climate change and reducing fuel poverty is not even considered important enough to be included as one of the Scottish government’s national indicators of progress.

“Currently we just do not see the capacity coming forward which will allow us to hit the 2020 target and capitalise on the reductions in fuel poverty and carbon emissions which achieving it would bring.”


Future or Mirai

Future or Mirai

Future or Mirai is today! the past is yesterday. Now that we have that part explained, what does it all mean?

This is an exciting time for humans and our global climate. For over a year now I have been blogging about the desperate need to reduce carbon output. We are a world dependent on dirty and damaging fossil fuels and disastrous nuclear energy. Energy giants of the world are a monopoly that seek to continue the use of oil and gas. There is another way, and there has been for over 100years.


Many previous blogs on this site have covered the production, storage, and use of Hydrogen. Hydrogen is the new energy medium. You can generate it from many sources including water. Hydrogen is stored in portable cylinders, underground chambers, and national gas grids. Hydrogen is used to turn carbon dioxide into methane. Hydrogen is transported via pipelines, trucks, or ships. Hydrogen when burned or consumed in a fuel cell has only one byproduct, Water!

Save the Planet

NASA photo of the earth from Apollo 8

Please help save our home

Hydrogen will save the planet from the ultimate destruction of global climate change. Does your country have renewable energy like solar or wind? Great! Use hydrogen as a storage medium to save the excess production of electricity. Here in the UK our national grid is paying wind farm operators to NOT produce energy. Solar energy is only available during the day so storage is a must for use during the night.

Now Toyota has unveiled their new Miria. This will be the first production fuel cell vehicle in the world. And it is a game changer. Oil and gas oligarchies be ware! your time is over! Free energy form the sun and wind will now be used to generate hydrogen for use in cars. Now we do not need oil or gas. To the  investment bankers reading this; the time is now for divesting from oil and gas companies. Divest while you still can.

For the rest of us the time to celebrate is now, well now in the USA and mid 2015 in Europe.

Look for Mirai in the US soon. I’m going to buy a fleet and make them taxis

Solar Roadways – The Solution To Many Problems

Solar Roadways – The Solution

Solar roadways are roads made of solar panels to create all the energy we need. I need to thank my nephew Ed for posting this awesome info on Facebook. Here is the information and links for this amazing company that is helping to change our world.

Solar Freakin Roadways – The Video Here

From the website:

Years ago, when the phrase “Global Warming” began gaining popularity, we started batting around the idea of replacing asphalt and concrete surfaces with solar panels that could be driven upon. We thought of the “black box” on airplanes: We didn’t know what material that black box was made of, but it seemed to be able to protect sensitive electronics from the worst of airline crashes.

Suppose we made a section of road out of this material and housed solar cells to collect energy, which could pay for the cost of the panel, thereby creating a road that would pay for itself over time. What if we added LEDs to “paint” the road lines from beneath, lighting up the road for safer night time driving? What if we added a heating element in the surface (like the defrosting wire in the rear window of our cars) to prevent snow/ice accumulation in northern climates? The ideas and possibilities just continued to roll in and the Solar Roadway project was born.

Solar Roadways

Your future Highway, available now!


Solar Roadways crowd funding project hits 134% of target!

This amazing project received $1.34mil so far in crowd funding and they still have 5 days left.


350.org – Building a Global Climate Movement

350.org is a Movement, You in?

What is 350? From their website:

350.org is building a global climate movement. Our online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions are coordinated by a global network active in over 188 countries.

The number 350 means climate safety: to preserve a livable planet, scientists tell us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 400 parts per million to below 350 ppm.

Why 350?

Why use the number 350? From their site:


Ready For Renewables NOW!

“Since the beginning of human civilization, our atmosphere contained about 275 ppm of carbon dioxide. That is the planet “on which civilization developed and to which life on earth is adapted.”


Our Global Target Miss It And We All Die

That’s Dr. James Hansen talking, former head of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Dr. Hansen is one of the most respected climatologists in the world, and when he says that climate change is incompatible with human civilization, we think human civilization ought to sit up and take notice.

That “350 ppm” is where 350.org gets its name. “PPM” stands for “parts per million,” which is simply a way of measuring the ratio of carbon dioxide molecules to all of the other molecules in the atmosphere. Many scientists, climate experts, and progressive national governments agree with Dr. Hansen that 350 ppm is the “safe” level of carbon dioxide.

Use the 350.org Map

Beginning in the 18th century, humans began to burn coal, gas, and oil to produce energy and goods. The amount of carbon in the atmosphere began to rise, at first slowly and now more quickly. Many of the activities we do every day like turning the lights on, cooking food, or heating our homes rely on energy sources that emit carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases. We’re taking millions of years worth of carbon, once stored beneath the earth as fossil fuels, and releasing it into the atmosphere.


Find local activities near to you. Start a 350 movement yourself. Use the Map to see whats going on near you.

Do It Today Tomorrow May Be To Late

Mother Earth News – Early Environmentalists

After We Saw Earth The 1st Time

The environmental movement predates the picture below. But Mother Earth News Magazine was created because of this view of our beautiful and fragile planet. When you think about all the things that matter to you and your loved ones, look at this picture.

From Wiki - on ecology movement

Earth From Apollo 17 – Your one and only home and mother

Caring for our planet is an idea that predates the European colonization of the Americas. American Indians were very aware of the balance of nature and their roles in that equilibrium.

Mother Earth News – A how to monthly.

After we saw our home from space we began to start working on making things better. One of the first tools to emerge from the growing ecology awareness was The Mother Earth News Magazine.

From Wiki:

Mother Earth News has, since the magazine’s founding in 1970, been a pioneer in the promotion of renewable energy, recycling, family farms, saner agricultural practices, better eating habits, medical self-care, more meaningful education and affordable housing.

You can start treating your mother better today

Everything you will need to start acting in a more environmentally friendly way is at this web site. So have a look and consider what small steps you can make today.

Grow your own food.

Mother Earth News

Grow lots in a small space

Perhaps you think you can’t make a difference where you live. Maybe it is too much work or bother to protest.

It is possible that your government may come after you if you try to make them change. We will discuss ways around these problems in future blog posts.

For now lets start small.

You can use this monthly magazine, Mother Earth News, to find small things to  change in your life that will make a difference. Little steps can grow in to giant leaps.

After all ‘one small step for man’

Leaving Mother Earth

John Glenn – NASA photo 1962

became ‘one giant leap for mankind.’

Looking for a new place to settle

Aldrin on the Moon -NASA Photo 1969

In 7 years Americans  went from an orbital flight around Earth to landing 2 men on the Moon. It was done for all man kind. And NASA’s budget only reached 4.3% of the federal budget at its peak in 1965.

In short We, humans, Can Do Anything!  We only need to Commit. We must Chose to change our ways or humans will fade into history, just like the Dinosaurs.

Think you can’t help change your ways or your friends ways or your governments ways? Think again. Humans can do anything they set their minds to. Any humans in any country can achieve anything they can dream.

Dream your future then make it reality!