Power – Who Owns it? Who makes it? Who Takes it?

Power of the People

Before anyone in power knew what was happening, there were thousands of people standing in the lobby and outside Npower in London. This brought business to a standstill in the few blocks surrounding the building. Security in the lobby denied the people access to other parts of Npower’s offices. Those closest to these security agents began discussing their energy bills with them.

Power of the Poor

The average security guard in a building like Npower in London makes about £22,000, maybe more but probably less. Living costs in London are high. As the flash mob began speaking the security guards and the protesters quickly found common ground. The security guards were just as upset as all the rest of the people. They also knew where all the secure offices were in the building.

It was not long before hundreds of protesters were in every floor and office of the building. Conference rooms were turned into sleeping areas. Offices were used for planning, security, investigations, and so on. The office workers were invited to join the people in solving the drastic problems of energy in the UK. Many joined. Even though they got a 20% discount on their energy bills they were still struggling to make ends meet. They rest were asked to leave the building.

No Power

The Police showed up as they always do. They tried to speak to the ‘organizers’ of the ‘protest.’ This is sometimes very straight forward, other times it is more difficult. There were no actual organizers. People held up their hands and said we are not sure who that is. We were just here when things happened 🙂 The police were not happy about this 🙁

No Power

Police with No Power


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Old People die from fuel poverty

Old people die from fuel poverty

Bill Waited a moment for Jeanne to calm down then went on. ‘Jeanne the old people died because the cost of the food and the energy to heat their homes was so high. People had to choose between heating their homes and eating.

They had to choose because the companies that sold the energy were making giant profits and did not care about the people. It was not just the old people but the poor, the working poor, and the lower middle class.

Many people began to spend more and more of their money on heating and lighting. And that’s when it happened. That is when the people had enough.’

Jeanne grew very attentive now. This was the part of the story she liked most. Her father continued ‘It started with one man who refused to pay his bill. He was so fed up with the whole mess that he just stopped paying the energy bill. He had to so he could eat! “Heat or Eat”  that was the motto.’

The energy company took him to court after 6 or 7 months. The corporation won as they usually do. The man had so much debt to pay back that he had to sell his house. Others heard about his problem and got upset about it.

Bill turned to his right and asked; ‘Ed what was that guy’s name again?’ Bill’s friend Ed is short and round. He looks like Santa sitting by the fire. Except he has no beard.

Ed reaches up and scratches his head. ‘I think it was Bishop . . . .’ Bill cut in: ‘Steven Bishop that was it. Yes Jeanne Mr. Bishop lost his home and had to live on the streets.

Bishop was in good health when he lost his house but he died a sick man only 3 months later.

Old people die from fuel poverty

Michael Gething a homeless man who died on the streets

People got very upset about this. Then they started tweeting and messaging each other.

A video of Bishops post-trial interview went viral on the internet. It was after that happened that the first flash mob appeared.’

Read more of this story in another blog.

Truth is stronger than greed

Is greed more important than truth?

Bill is a tall man. This is hard to see as he sits before the fire.

Greed or truth

Bill By the Fire

He leans back and reaches into the pocket of his blue jeans and pulls out a 1 pound coin. The coin is bright and golden in the firelight. ‘Jenny would you like to hear the story or have the money in my hand?’

Jeanne replies quickly ‘I want to hear the story daddy.’

Her father goes on with the story. ‘The whole problem back then was that companies and greedy people were chasing  money. Governments thought this was good and let it happen. The condition of the planet got worse. People started saying that we were killing the planet and all the living things on it.’

His friends around the fire lean forward to listen. ‘No one listened at first. Some who had the gift of clarity saw what would happen if nothing was done. They saw the truth of ecological disaster and climate destruction.

Climate change destroys Philippine cities

Climate change destroys Philippine cities

These people formed organizations that worked to stop the madness. Others joined these groups as members and helped with the cause. Many small steps were made. Many small victories were made over the stupidity and greed.

Lets all save the planet, OK?

Lets all save the planet, OK?

But the victories were too small. The changes started happening faster. Around the planet, the effects of the damage caused by environmental disasters spread further. The companies began to grow stronger and make laws that restricted the people. The people wanted to complain but these undemocratic laws were silencing them.

Laws and governments served the corporate interests not the people. Corporations cared about profit not the environment. The profit they made always had to grow. This is the way of corporations. Grow or die.

The profits came from finding cheaper ways to get oil and gas to the market. This caused more damage to the environment. The profits came from charging more and more money for the electricity and gas.

The people tried to pay the higher prices. Older people with pensions suffered the worst. They had to choose between food to eat or fuel to keep the lights on and the house warm. The elderly were dying by the thousands every winter due to something called “fuel poverty.”

‘Daddy!’ said Jeanne with tears in her eyes.  Jeanne always got upset with this part of the story E – Is For Energy. There is a part of each story in the alphabet revolution that makes Jeanne sad. ‘Daddy did the old people really die because they could not stay warm?’

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Video #7 Theo Simon talks about Environmentalism

Environmentalism, Capitalism & Democracy

We have sold control of our energy to companies like EDF, BG, Eon, SSE and the rest. We have given away the National Grid that transports all our electricity and gas in the UK.

These companies have made Billions each year by taking money from us. Using our state owned power generating systems they are ripping us off.

Is it time we took all this back now. The UK power companies are not going to implement the necessary changes to our power generation.

Take Back The Power to decide

In the 7th video interview with Theo Simon we discuss the nature of labels. Theo discusses the way corporations are trying to Co-Opt the very words we use to describe who we are.

Power companies want you to think that they are kind to nature. EDF wants to build a new nuclear power plant in Somerset. This is not the way forward.

The Videos that have been posted so far discuss all the facts about why we do not need a new nuke plant. The videos show why we must stop this disastrous waste of 16 billion pounds.

Video interviews show the truth for all to hear and see

Look at all the videos linked in this blog and you will have a clear understanding too. Get your friends to watch these interviews.

I need your help to get the message out in the UK. We don’t want nuclear power and we do not need nuclear power.

The DECC has made plans to build a total of 80 new nuclear power plants. This is David Cameron’s idea of being Green. In fact this is the biggest waste of money and precious time since Nero fiddled!!

We do not have the time to waste waiting for new nuclear power plants. We can begin Reducing our energy needs without sacrifice. We can start building the renewable energy future we need Today.

To see all the interview videos from the beginning click here.

The Story Continues

The story continues – E is for energy

E is for Energy is the story of how we take back the world energy supply from greedy oppressive oligarchs and oil barons. E – Is for Energy describes our energy problems and how we the people solve them.

On the Fifth Night was the Letter E

On the fifth night I had the same dream again.  The weather was as clear and fine as the first night I saw this vision. The stars were just as bright in the sky. The fire was the same. There were a few more  men and women sitting by the fire.

E - Is For Energy

A group by the fire

Jeanne walked up to the fire and sat down just like she had the first night I had the dream. Jeanne is tall for her age, almost 5 feet tall. Her summer dress has a print pattern of animals. Giraffes and elephants mingle with lions and cheetahs on an African savanna. Her hair shines in the firelight.

This time she asks again ‘daddy tell me the story again about how it happened.’ Bill is wearing a T shirt with writing on it. It reads: “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”

Bill starts the same way as before: ‘Jeanne which letter of the alphabet do you want to hear about tonight?’ Jeanne replied ‘E daddy I want to learn hear about the letter E again.’

E – Is For Energy

E-Energy-full-cover jpeg

And so Bill begins his story about the letter E:

‘E is for energy. This story is about how the people rose up and took back control of the energy in the world. It all started back when oil and gas were cheap and plentiful.

Solar energy had been around for over 100 years. All the world used fossil fuels to run cars, heat homes, and run industries.

All was well and lots of money was made.  People everywhere saw that life was good.

Cars were big and roomy. Highways were filled with people traveling places.


The diner experience – Fossil fueled happiness

The skies got crowded with airplanes. People began traveling to the far corners of the planet.

New and exotic cultures were now made tourist destinations.’ bill paused here to stir the fire and add another log.

‘Men began to travel above the Earth. They turned around and looked back for the first time at the planet they came from.’

This is your Home, Your Mother, and your Life!

This is your Home, Your Mother, and your Life!

Here Jeanne grew impatient and interrupted her father. ‘Daddy that was way before the people won back the power. I want to hear about that.’

Read more about what happens next . . in another blog

Power People And Energy

Putin’s Crimean Oil Grab

As usual the conflict over the Crimea is about oil. Putin could care less for the  Russian nationals living there.

Putin is an oil oligarch. He takes the Crimea and gains more money and power for his oil empire.

Putin has his own Oil Monopoly in Europe

From Euractiv:

The most startling part of Washington’s sanctions on Russian businessmen loyal to President Vladimir Putin: A single sentence containing an explosive allegation.

‘ Putin himself profits from the world’s No. 4 oil trading company, Gunvor.’ Greedy oil oligarchs and oil barons are killing our planet and getting more powerful every day.

Public ownership is the only way to freedom & Democracy

If the people of Russia owned their oil gas and electricity there would be no Putin! If the People of the Ukraine owned their oil gas and electricity then there would have been no Viktor Yanukovych

When we own the energy systems then there is no corporation or oligarch to dictate how things will be. If we the people have control of these energy resources then we will make the rules.

People choose green renewable energy every time.

We must have new renewable energy systems  to stem the tides of climate change now.

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

New Jersey Shore Heavily Damaged

Putin and his ilk are the reason that we cannot change from our fossil fuel addiction to green energy.

The people want this change. The people would change if they had the power to do so.

Take back our energy services and let the people create our future.

We can rid ourselves of greedy oligarchs and save our planet with the green energy methods available today. We must take back the energy services everywhere so that we have the power to choose our own path.

Mother Earth News – Early Environmentalists

After We Saw Earth The 1st Time

The environmental movement predates the picture below. But Mother Earth News Magazine was created because of this view of our beautiful and fragile planet. When you think about all the things that matter to you and your loved ones, look at this picture.

From Wiki - on ecology movement

Earth From Apollo 17 – Your one and only home and mother

Caring for our planet is an idea that predates the European colonization of the Americas. American Indians were very aware of the balance of nature and their roles in that equilibrium.

Mother Earth News – A how to monthly.

After we saw our home from space we began to start working on making things better. One of the first tools to emerge from the growing ecology awareness was The Mother Earth News Magazine.

From Wiki:

Mother Earth News has, since the magazine’s founding in 1970, been a pioneer in the promotion of renewable energy, recycling, family farms, saner agricultural practices, better eating habits, medical self-care, more meaningful education and affordable housing.

You can start treating your mother better today

Everything you will need to start acting in a more environmentally friendly way is at this web site. So have a look and consider what small steps you can make today.

Grow your own food.

Mother Earth News

Grow lots in a small space

Perhaps you think you can’t make a difference where you live. Maybe it is too much work or bother to protest.

It is possible that your government may come after you if you try to make them change. We will discuss ways around these problems in future blog posts.

For now lets start small.

You can use this monthly magazine, Mother Earth News, to find small things to  change in your life that will make a difference. Little steps can grow in to giant leaps.

After all ‘one small step for man’

Leaving Mother Earth

John Glenn – NASA photo 1962

became ‘one giant leap for mankind.’

Looking for a new place to settle

Aldrin on the Moon -NASA Photo 1969

In 7 years Americans  went from an orbital flight around Earth to landing 2 men on the Moon. It was done for all man kind. And NASA’s budget only reached 4.3% of the federal budget at its peak in 1965.

In short We, humans, Can Do Anything!  We only need to Commit. We must Chose to change our ways or humans will fade into history, just like the Dinosaurs.

Think you can’t help change your ways or your friends ways or your governments ways? Think again. Humans can do anything they set their minds to. Any humans in any country can achieve anything they can dream.

Dream your future then make it reality!


My Ethical Energy Company

Lets imagine a better future

In my previous Blog I showcased LUSH a company that reminds me that it is possible to act ethically as a company and make money too. Imagine if you owned a company that supplied gas and electricity to customers in the UK. How would you run the company? I know what I would do.

Ethical Energy  Industries

If I owned an energy company what would I do? How could I provide you with the energy you needed to live and thrive? Is is possible to supply your employer with the energy they need to run a growing business without destroying the planet?

I believe that it is possible. I think we are now at a point in human history where we MUST start acting in an ethical way with regard to our future. Future first and profits second.

How would I start?

First I would lower the price of electricity and gas to the every user.

Second I would remove all energy tariffs and just have one price.

Third I would invest profits into building a renewable energy future.

I would start giving my customers every energy improvement available.

Well you think I’m crazy and my business would fail right? I don’t!

Follow me closely now.

If I lower my prices to all customers I will have more customers.

If I simplify my tariffs then more customers will want to use my services.

Giving away energy improvements includes insulating homes and businesses. Insulating homes and businesses lowers their bills and makes them financially better off. Lowering their consumption means I don’t have to produce as much power.

Giving away energy improvements also includes Solar PV. When I give my customers ways to produce energy they need less of mine and enjoy a better life with their extra savings.

If I get to use their extra energy too then I am increasing the number of energy producers. If I get energy from many smaller providers of energy then no one person or company has total control over the means of production or the sale of energy. There are no monopolies. Many produce the energy and many consume it. I become a facilitator of power and make enough profit to continue the expansion of the business model.

I’m not trying to make a year -on-year3%  increase of  profit. I am working to save the planet. I am reducing our energy needs and lowering our carbon footprint. I am creating energy in new and totally sustainable ways. I am, in short, acting in an ethical manner about the sourcing of the goods I sell and the ways I help my suppliers. A kind of Lush power company.

Just like Lush, I will turn a profit. Like Lush, I will help people and supply my customers with a great product that they want and will be happy to buy.

Vote With Your Time, With Your Actions. Vote with your £’s.

So your energy company is not like the one I describe? Go find one that is! I make no suggestions here except to say that there are some companies that are more ethical than others. Find the ones that work for you. Demand that they sponsor free energy saving measures that will lower your bill. Tell you MP that you will not pay any more of your money to rip off merchants that charge highway robber prices for the basic necessities of life. Stop paying your bill totally!

When they ask you why you stopped paying – Tell them your tired of being ripped off and told lies. Demand that they lower your price for energy.

I bet that 1 million customers not paying their bills will get some quick action.

David Cameron said that he would change the ECO targets for the energy companies to help you  save £50/yr – They immediately stopped funding all energy reduction measures.

But Your Bill Hasn’t Gone Down Has IT!!!


Lush Special Report

Peace Pioneers – What we need !

I do not allow advertising on my blog. I am not against sponsors or adds per say. I just don’t like seeing this sell-out-pop-up bombardment when I visit other sites.

I met a man who works at Lush today. It reminded me that there are good people working for great companies in the world. Companies that treat their sourcing and products with love, care and attention to sustainability and ethics. Companies that make money too!

I truly believe that if more companies around the world began to operate in the way Lush and other companies do our planet would be much better off.

We are facing climate change of epic proportions. I just blogged about the IPCC report and the future we all face. It is not a pretty picture! I want to see all the energy companies of the world acting responsibly about the way they make energy and the methods they use in selling it to you and me.

The Peace Community:

Extraordinary suppliers . . .

The conflict in Colombia, which goes back six decades, has roots in social and economic structural inequality. “In Colombia there is no right to land tenure, there is practically no right to be a home-owner, no right to education, to free healthcare, or any kind of decent healthcare. Education is also very bad,” explains Jesús Emilio. “At the Peace Community we try to ensure that every family has a house, has right to land, to somewhere they can grow crops to feed themselves. Our objective is to create a different world, a different way of living, with love for children, adults and old people.”

By Supporting this community Lush is actually providing people with a chance to live a better life.

We need more companies like Lush to help save this planet and US! Next time we imagine an energy company that does.

Ownership Is Democracy – Video #6 Public Ownership

Ownership Is Democracy

Ownership is democracy here in the UK or anywhere. Who owns the electricity generation plants in the UK? You don’t own them. Major energy companies own them. What effect does this have on the democratic way of life we expect to enjoy?

Video #6 looks at the relationship between the owners of energy production and the power to influence the political process. EDF is working hard to remove democracy from the power industry.

EDF tried to block all protests for new nukes

In 2012 EDF filed a petition with the High Courts to block any protest against the construction of Hinkley C, or other new nuclear build projects. This is undemocratic and illegal under EU laws on human rights. This is the face of corporate ownership of energy. 

This move by EDF created a protest movement to force the courts to allow protests about new nuclear plants. A protest to allow future protests! We really have to work to keep democracy alive! Or we could own the power itself!

Power to the people creates greater democracy

It is actions like this, by the greedy power companies, that are undermining democracy of this country. When we can produce our own energy using community power schemes and roof top solar systems WE own the power of production and control of our government. The only way to achieve this is to take back public ownership of the National Grid and the gas and electricity supply.

Undemocratic deals being done for more nuke plants with Putin

In a previous blog post I exposed the work being done by this government behind closed doors to get Russia to build new nuclear plants in our country. How many of YOU would allow a oligarch like Putin, who has just annexed the Crimea using troops and propaganda, to build nuclear plants here in the UK?

I don’t understand how we can complain about the lack of freedom and democracy in China and Russia and then try to sign deals with these countries to build nuclear plants on our soil. Do you want Russia to build a new nuclear plant here in your back yard? I do not!

Write to your MP now!

You can have your say today by writing to your local and national representatives. Write to your MP now!

See the next video interview.