Cameron Likes Fracking more than Renewable Energy

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David Cameron is working for BIG OIL companies and not you. Not only has Cameron sold you out he will make you pay twice. Cameron wants Taxpayers to pay to clean up any pollution caused by fracking if the companies go bankrupt, after a proposal to make UK operators take out insurance against such damage was ruled out by the government. As if that were not enough Cameron’s Government has now opened up more than half of the UK to fracking. Two-thirds of the UK’s land will be available for fracking companies to license. A government map published on Tuesday shows, with new areas opened up in the Midlands, Cumbria and Wales.

Cameron has cut funding for renewable solar systems on your home. 1 year ago in January Cameron was fighting a legal battle to enact drastic unwarranted cuts in the FIT. The government has consistently maintained that deep cuts are urgently required to stop the feed-in tariff scheme exceeding its budget – a scenario that could result in increased energy bills. I find it very ironic that Cameron could say that only one year ago and after the cuts prices are still going up.

Cameron has cut the tariff paid for renewable land based wind energy systems. Wind energy onshore has the potential to replace nuclear plants across the country. In the USA onshore wind is taking over nuclear so well that Dominion is now shutting a money-losing reactor and selling coal plants, Exelon warns of shrinking nuclear margins and an Edison International merchant coal-plant unit has gone into bankruptcy. The previous post discussed the fear that energy companies are facing over the end of centralized energy generation. Here is the proof of what is happening now in the USA.

Meanwhile in the UK, three new off shore wind farms have been canceled in the last 3 weeks alone! Fresh questions raised over UK offshore wind plans mean that Cameron has won a TRIFECTA! Scottish Power decides not to go ahead with the Argyll Array, which would have provided green energy for 1 million homes. This is another win for Cameron’s plans to destroy renewable energy. Cameron pays lip service about the government’s plans to tackle a looming supply problem and to meet its low carbon targets.  Meanwhile, RWE, another of the big six power companies, announces two weeks ago that it is abandoning plans to construct a £4bn offshore wind farm, the Atlantic Array, off Devon. On Thursday, Centrica, owner of British Gas, announced it was selling its stake in another huge offshore wind farm, Race Bank, off East Anglia. All of Cameron’s hard work cutting our renewable future is killing jobs too! The UK wind sector has been dealt a blow as Vestas has announced that they will scrap their plans to build a new wind turbine factory in the Port of Sheerness.

He is selling your future away at twice the price France is willing to pay to build new nuclear power plants. In short David Cameron and his ‘Greenest Party Ever’ is nothing of the sort.

Below is only one of many articles regarding the PM’s stance on Fracking. Fracking has been proven to cause pollution in underground water reservoirs and cause environmental pollution on the surface of areas where drilling occurs. Fracking is bad for our environment. Fracking gives BIG Oil just what it needs to carry on. Fracking is not renewable, not clean, and not green! It is known to cause EARTH QUAKES!

British PM urges EU to cut fracking red tape.

London – British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso that the continent risks being left behind in the shale gas revolution unless red tape is cut, the Times reported on Tuesday.

In a letter to Barroso, seen by the paper, Cameron said new EU legislation was “a major cause for concern” and insisted that the shale gas industry could be regulated “in a safe and sustainable manner”.

“There is clearly merit in providing additional clarity on how the existing comprehensive EU legislative framework applies to shale gas,” he wrote.

“However, I am not in favour of new legislation where the lengthy timeframes and significant uncertainty involved are major causes for concern. The industry in the UK has told us that new EU legislation would immediately delay imminent investment,” he added.

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