In The Beginning There Was A Dream

The Dream - Jeanne's story

In a dream or awake

Am I in a dream or am I awake? From far above, I see a scene below me. It is a clear and cool night near to summer. The stars are out in their great splendor. A light breeze is blowing a fire. As My view changes, and gets closer to the fire, I see there are people sitting around this fire.

There are three men here by a fire. No words are spoken as my dream view slowly moves closer. Now I see a small child approaching the circle of light cast by the flames. She is about 8 or 10 years old. She sits by the fire with the other men there. On the other side of the fire is her father, Bill. He remains silent until she asks a question.

How did it happen?

‘Daddy can you tell me how it happened again please?’ Bill stirs the fire and sparks fly into the night sky.

Dream fire

Sparks from the Fire

Bill asks her a question in response. ‘Which letter of the alphabet did you want to hear about tonight Jeanne?’ Jeanne’s golden hair is reflected by the fire light. She responds, ‘can you tell me about the letter A daddy?’

Dream letter A

Letter A is For Agriculture

A is for Agriculture

Jeanne’s father begins his story. ‘Each letter of the alphabet begins the story of another revolution by the people. You remember that A is for agriculture Jeanne.  A is for agriculture because that is about the way we took back control of how we grow things. The agricultural corporations that ran things before were destroying our planet.’

Hill farming in Wales

‘They were making servants and slaves of the farmers of the world. Governments were powerless to stop the changes. Genetic modifications made to cereal grains meant that no seed harvest could be saved and replanted like before. All seeds like corn or peas were barren and unable to sprout into new life. Agricultural laws were made by corporations  in one country after another. It got so a man growing a crop of corn had no rights over the ownership of his corn or the land it grew on. The people began to starve and loose hope. Then one day a funny thing happened. The people rose up as one, all at once, and took back control of things. Here is how it all started.’

In my dream, Bill went on to explain all the things that led to the people winning back control of our shared agricultural heritage. In detail he explained to Jeanne how the agribusiness giants were defeated and the food supply of the world was saved from ruin. I will write about this in another book called A – Is For Agriculture.

The story continues

This dream continues night after summer night. Jeanne asks to hear about another letter of the alphabet.  Her father, Bill describes how the revolution happened. Letter by letter. From A to Z Bill talks each night about a different uprising that saves another part of our world.

E is for Energy is the story of how we take back the world energy supply from greedy oppressive oligarchs and oil barons. E is for Energy describes our energy problems and how we the people solve them.

Tune in for more of this amazing story.