Are You Fracked Off Yet? You Will Be!

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Many world wide oppose fracking

Many people in the UK, the USA, France, Germany and the rest of the world are waking up to the fraking disaster. Everywhere you go on the planet you find folks objecting to fracking.

The People of the UK are fighting to stop fracking in many places with great success.

Balcombe Fracking Protesters Stop Quadrilla

Balcombe Fracking Protesters Stop Quadrilla

Citizens in the USA oppose fracking

Protesters take to the streets  in the US state of  New York.

New York Anti-Fracking Protesters

New York Anti-Fracking Protesters

France banned fracking forever!

France’s constitutional court has upheld a ban on hydraulic fracturing, permanently baring the fracking business based on environmental grounds.

Photograph: Pierre Andrieu/AFP/Getty Images

Anti-fracking protesters in La Petite Brosse, outside Paris. Photograph: Pierre Andrieu/AFP/Getty Images

German government agrees to ban fracking too!

German protesters have gained government agreement to ban fracking.

(AFP Photo / John Macdougall)

Germans win fracking BAN

Activists from 26 countries participated in around 250 protests on Saturday to demonstrate against fracking technologies, which they say contaminate groundwater and hasten climate change.

Here in Bucharest.

World Wide Anti-Fracking Protests

World Wide Anti-Fracking Protests

Here in Canada.

Canadian Anti-Fracking Protesters

Canadian Anti-Fracking Protesters

Everywhere they want to frack we are there. Why? Because we want a world safe from pollution in our water.

Bill de Blasio Is Against Fracking

Bill de Blasio Is Against Fracking

Renewable energy now to save our planet

We do this because we want to ride the roller coaster with our children.

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

New Jersey Shore Still Heavily Damaged Months After Hurricane Sandy

We do this because we like safe and stable ground to build our houses.


Fracking Causes Earth Quake Swarms

We need to own our means of energy production and end the greed

We do this because we are not greedy corporate profiteers.

(Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

House Republicans Have Passed 3 Bills To Help The Natural Gas Industry Just This Week

Now Are you Fracked Off ? Very Good. Time to:

Write your MP.

Write to your local council.

Write to your Congressman or Senator.