Video Interview #3 – Hinkley C and Nuclear Waste

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Nuclear Waste? We can’t build Hinkley C

The last video spoke about the financial stupidity of building a new nuclear power plant. This new video looks at the nuclear waste issue.

This blog is a look at part of my interview with Theo Simon. Theo is one of the spokes persons for Stop Hinkley C. Nuclear waste is one of the biggest concerns surrounding a new plant at Hinkley.

Nuclear Waste

Proposed Hinkley C: Power Plant and Waste Dump

In this video we discuss the most compelling reason for not building a new nuclear power plant: nuclear waste.

Nuclear waste is already the most expensive part of our current nuclear program. Estimates say that over £70 Billion will be required to safely store our waste underground.  This cost is going up all the time. The crazy part is that we have no place to store our waste.

The new plans for a nuclear plant at Hinkley will include waste storage on site! that means the good people of Somerset can look forward to having more nuclear waste stored in their county for hundreds of years.

The legacy of nuclear waste on British soil will be the undoing of our heritage and our green and pleasant land. Radioactive waste is not part of our idea of a nice place to live.

We can change the way things are going. We can make a difference if we all pull together as a team.

Time to Write your MP.

Time to write your Congressman, or Senator.

Time to write to your representatives within the National People’s Congress.

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