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Act now!

We can act now to stop more fracking in East Yorkshire. Time is running out for Crawberry Hill planning extension.

Anyone can add their comments to this process. If you care about your environment then you can add your thoughts to this important process.

From Frack Free East Yorkshire:

Planning Extension

Rathlin was granted Planning Permission for exploratory work at Crawberry Hill for 2 years, rather than the usual 3 years, due to the sensitive nature of the site.  This runs out on 5th November 2014.

However Rathlin have failed to complete their 3 tests, and have applied for another 2 years.

This Planning Application is NOW OPEN FOR CONSULTATION until Thurs 11th Sept.


Planning Application Summary 14/02622/STVAR  >  Associated Documents  >  Planning Statement

  • Check the guidance on how to send in your views – don’t undermine your impact by straying from “material considerations”.
  • It may be wise to wait awhile to gauge the outcome of current serious issues after the mini-frac at West Newton; East Riding will need to demonstrate they have learned any lessons.
  • You don’t need to cover all the concerns highlighted in this guidance which identifies most but not all the relevant issues; you may have important concerns of your own and should share them with the Council.
  • The oil industry refers to “social license”. In other words if you decide it is not worth writing in it will be assumed you support the proposal. Even if it is only a short letter it is worth making your views known.
  • The proposed extension is a key move in the national drive to exploit oil and gas at a time when the rest of the world, notably China, Japan, Germany, Italy and Spain are making rapid moves towards renewables. It is hard to see how we can move towards a low carbon economy by investing in exploration for more oil and gas.
  • Please do register your concerns and encourage other residents and businesses in the East Riding and Hull to do so – we will all suffer, and have to pay, if our water supplies are compromised.

Go now and register your feelings with the planning office.

One Response to “Act now to stop fracking”

  1. lisa holden — 09/12/2014 @ 16:49

    i do not agree with fracking
    the underground water supplies must not be contaminated and i see no possible way to drill into the earth without this being a severe risk
    lisa holden