About Me

About Me

My wife and I in London

About me

I was born in the USA, I moved to England 12 years ago and now I am British. I love subjects like physics, astronomy, renewable energy, music and many more.
I was a member of the Southampton Sustainability Forum, then vice chair, then chair, then it closed for lack of council funding, but that was just the beginning of my green energy quest in the UK.

About my blog

I’m starting this blog to get the people(that’s YOU) to stop Hinkley C being built. I also want YOU to start working towards renewable energy where ever you are.

If you want to help: Click Here!

I’m writing this blog because we can have SAFE RENEWABLE ENERGY for much less than we are paying now.

Here is a view of what Clean renewable energy for ever looks like: Desertec!

I’m writing this blog because I keep having these waking dreams about a world were WE the PEOPLE have finally got our way and things are a lot better for it!

You will enjoy learning about me, my views, and my book. I am working for a renewable energy future for us all. Their are many others like me.

I will be providing links to other web sites and blogs. Many links will provide you with help and advice. You are the key to changing the world we live in.

The power of the people here in the UK and across the planet must come together. Lets get together now and take back control of our energy supply and the way our energy is made.