No To Hinkley C! A Video: No New Nuclear Power! We Don’t Need It!

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Say No to Hinkley C

Abundant energy surrounds us every day. We can use wind energy to make electricity. We can use the Sun’s light to make solar electricity. The tides and wave action of our rivers and bays can give us more energy.

To put it as simply as possible we do not need any new nuclear power plant in this country.  I have had an interview with Theo Simon from

No to Hinkley C

Stop Hinkley C Site

The interview was taped so that I could provide you with a clear understanding of why we will stop hinkley from being built.

See the Video interview – No to Hinkley C

Video 1: No To Hinkley C

Please watch this video and come back to see the other interviews that I am posting in future. I am doing interviews for my book “E is for Energy – The 9 Lies of the Energy Monopoly.”

If you have anyone in mind that would like to take part in an interview, please leave a comment below.

If this video has moved you into action, start by writing your MP

If you have written to your MP then check out the site and see how you can help.

Watch the 2nd Video by clicking here.